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Inspiring, to say the Least

By Helene Blumenfeld on November 21, 2011


This was just one day of our 10 fabulous days with JNF. This bridge is in the new Be'er Sheva River Park. Fifteen years ago, [my huband] Alan brought me the architectural plans and I thought it was just a huge dream; some dreams are meant to become a reality. This park, upon completion, will revitalize the entire city of Be'er Sheva, bring much needed employment to the area, and will open up the Negev as a destination for 250,000 families to come and live. This bridge is a walking bridge and connects the park with the city. [You can view a short video about the bridge below.]

Below is a picture of me on the bridge four days after the ribbon cutting by our friend and benefactor of the Pipes Bridge, Bob Levine.

Here is a picture of Alan and me at the dedication of the hydrotherapy center at Aleh Negev, a special needs campus servicing 250 residents of all ages and also providing therapy to 2000 Israelis in need throughout the country.  This campus provides hundreds of jobs for those in the Negev, which is JNF's major goal right now.

It was such an exciting time to be in Israel. I can't wait to see what awaits us next November!!!!

Helene B.

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