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Morgan Pressel's Mission Trip to Israel

By Morgan Pressel on December 15, 2011


This off season, American professional golfer Morgan Pressel visited Israel on a trip that included a visit to JNF's 9/11 Living Memorial, planting a tree at the Harvey Hertz Ceremonial Tree Planting Center at Neot Kedumim, as well as a tour of Independence Hall. Here is an excerpt from Pressel's own blog, as well as some photos from her trip:

Pressel plants a tree at Neot Kedumim.
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"Then we drove to the 9/11 Living Memorial, which was quite moving. While the Holocaust was a catastrophic event that defines history, September 11th was an event that defines most of our lives. As an American, I see how the event changed the future of the world, and I will never forget where I was on that fateful day. The Memorial is the only place outside of the United States that recognizes the names of all those killed on 9/11.

From here, we went to Harvey Hertz Ceremonial Tree Planting Center at Neot Kedumim, which is the world’s only biblical landscape preserve. The Jewish National Fund (JNF) has been committed to the reforestation of the land of Israel, and we were all given the chance to put our “roots” in the ground and plant a tree. One day I will return to visit my tree, and hopefully see the difference it will continue to make in the landscape of the country!

Pressel with JNF CEO Russell Robinson.
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After this we left Jerusalem towards Tel Aviv, where we walked the streets of Old Jaffa, which is an important location in Military history, and lunched near the harbor. In Tel Aviv, we visited Independence Hall, where David Ben-Gurion first announced Israel as a Jewish state. I tried to sit in the same room and imagine what it must have been like in 1948, as Ben-Gurion lead the Zionists to their homeland. I had chills."

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Submitted by Mishel on October 30, 2014
Great work sir. Its all your hard work to touch this mile stone. happy new year greetings
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We will try to post as many submissions as possible, but not all submissions. happy new year 2015 wishes
Submitted by Danny on December 10, 2014
Morgan is really a wonderful author. I love all his articles.
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