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Welcome to the Travel to Israel Blog!

By Russell F. Robinson on January 28, 2011


Dear Fellow JNF Supporters,

Welcome to our brand new Travel to Israel Blog! Each year, JNF sends over 400 students to Israel to do community service through our Alternative Winter and Spring Break trips, as well as thousands of travelers of all ages on dozens of missions and tours. This blog will be a place for you to learn first hand about each one of their travels; it will be written entirely by the trip participants themselves, a true first-person account of the excitement and emotion that come with traveling to Israel. We hope that you will continue to read this blog and experience their trips vicariously through a series memoirs, journal entries, photos, and even video. Thanks for visiting and I sincerely hope that you enjoy the entries in the upcoming weeks and months.


Russell Robinson Signature

Russell F. Robinson
Chief Executive Officer
Jewish National Fund

For more information on how you can travel to Israel with JNF, visit To submit a blog entry of your own, please send an e-mail with your content along with your name, trip name, and trip date to

 **Please Note: We will try to post as many submissions as possible, but not all submissions will be published on the Travel Blog. Please limit submissions to 450 words. JNF reserves the right to edit any submitted content for space and clarity prior to publishing.**


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