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What is JLIM, you ask?

By Alex Schuman on August 10, 2011


 JLIM stands for JNFuture Leadership Institute Mission, and just last week, I returned from JNF’s first ever JLIM trip. As the youngest member of this mission, I was a little star struck traveling side-by-side with JNF CEO Russell Robinson and JNF Pillar & Mentor Bruce Gould. Each day on our journey was jam-packed with stops and visits to Israel’s most innovative and promising companies. From meeting with the Mayor of Be’er Sheva and seeing vegetables grow in miles of sand, to shooting hoops at the Sderot Indoor Recreation Center, our group was able to catch a glimpse of many of JNF’s most impressive projects in Israel. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity allowed some of the most promising JNFuture Members [insert pat on the back here] to come together in the holiest of holy places, and not only discuss, but see what it means to be an impactful, powerful, and young leader. With eyes wide open, I have returned to Boston with an even greater passion for JNF, JNFuture, and the continued and increased success of the State of Israel. To learn more about JLIM and our experiences in Israel, check out our blog at

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