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“This was an extraordinary trip…We felt taken care of, pampered and enjoyed ourselves to the max…We cooked with and ate the food of top chefs in Israel, we danced, had art lessons and went to hear the Israeli Philharmonic. There was nothing culturally that was missed…Diane was amazing and with Eric assisting her every request was met for every participant on the trip. Not only was it met, it was done with pleasure, a smile and enthusiasm.” Myra Fleischer (Culinary, Wine & Arts Mission 2014)  -  Myra Fleischer (Culinary, Wine & Arts Mission 2014)

Although I had previously been to Israel and had also just completed a two week stay with my husband, the JNF Queen of Sheba tour was truly a trip of a lifetime. Prior to the trip I knew that JNF planted trees but the other projects were unknown to me. As each day unfolded and we continued to visit JNF sites I felt that modern-day miracles had appeared before my eyes. JNF is truly making a difference to the Israel, it's people and the world….I returned home with a real passion for Israel, JNF, and a commitment to this wonderful organization. The bonus of this trip is that I now have 32 new Sheba sisters and cherish the friendships that developed with the amazing women that I had the pleasure and honor of traveling with on this mission.  -  Carol Knoppow (Queen of Sheba: Women for Israel Mission, October 2013)

Overall the trip/ experience was fantastic and we can’t stop talking about JNF and what its accomplishing… Thanks again for making the mission an event/trip of a lifetime.  -  Bill Brandt (Spirit of Israel Mission, April 2014)

Loved, loved, loved every moment of this mission – all of the people and places we visited - our fellow travelers were so much fun to be with – what we learned about JNF and its mission – we will never forget this experience.  -  Barbara Schneider (Spirit of Israel Mission, April 2014)

Fabulous trip – once in a lifetime!... Many thanks for all your hard work and organization you put into a full body, mind and spirit experience.  -  Jeanne O’Brien (Spirit of Israel Mission, April 2014)

Best mission trip ever...I’ll never forget it.  -  Len Cohen (Negev Society Mission, January 2013)

My experience was better than expected…I was so impressed by all that JNF does for Israel.  -  Judy Koch (Queen of Sheba: Women for Israel Mission, October 2013)

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