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Just a quick email (since the priority now is to catch up with my work) to tell you that we arrived home safely last evening from a wonderful trip to Israel. Benny's Birthday Tour was an overwhelming success!!!Thank you so much for helping us make all the plans and arrangements for what turned out to be a trip that exceeded our expectations. Everyone had a fabulous time! As you probably heard, the weather was perfect which made the trip even better than we could have hoped. We can discuss all the details at some future time, but I just wanted to let you know how happy both Ben and I were.  -  Best regards, Susan

Just a few words to say thank you for this wonderful mission. Over the past 7 years, I've been fortunate to have experienced a variety of JNF travel. This mission was, for me, the finest ever. The itinerary and agenda were innovative, thoughtful, and well-executed. You were well-prepared and completely in-tune to us lay leaders. You made the challenging job of herding all 50 of your flock through Israel seem effortless-- I know it wasn't. You are all very wonderful, dedicated people who do this work as a labor of love.  -  Thank you again. Melinda

The efforts of you and your colleagues at JNF made my son's Bar Mitzvah an event to remember. You fulfilled every one of my requests and did not just meet, but exceeded, my expectations. Truly, I was blessed the day I telephoned JNF and was connected with you. I cannot begin to express my gratitude. However, I will begin by promising you that I will help you and JNF in any way possible. Beyond trees as the new gift of choice, I told Shahar I was happy to host a cocktail party for him when he visits the area in the summer. Two of the families that were part of the Bar Mitzvah party are making pledges to JNF; I am emailing them your information today. Another of the Bar Mitzvah guests, an academician, will be contacting you to volunteer his time to JNF and the school in Sedorot. The Bar Mitzvah party wants to make a group purchase for the soldiers at the Adom military base. My son is already planning his sophomore year at Mass; he told the headmaster he will see him again soon. The Delaware Secretary of State works with a gentleman in Israel to help with its business development efforts in Israel; I believe an introduction is in order and am happy to host lunch to make certain this happens in short order. I will be writing to each JNF representative I met to thank him or her personally, however, I did not want to return home and to the office and all of their demands with at least getting this message off to you. Finally, no one should visit Israel without booking through the JNF. I am happy to help you get this message out to the public. In this connection, Dubi Lesham of Gil Travel along with the team at Kenes was a pleasure to deal with and, in addition to organizing the itinerary in conjunction with JNF, Dubi made the extra effort to meet with me personally while Kenes greeted us personally upon our arrival in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and upon our departure. Their selection of Yaniv Bar as our guide was key to getting us through the hectic itinerary. Everyone in the Bar Mitzvah group is still raving about him. Yaniv does not just attend to every detail but is constantly thinking and acting ahead of every step to ensure that everything transpires effortlessly. He is also smart and ably dealt with the inevitable variety of personalities in our group. I can assure you that if Yaviv is assigned as the guide, your donors and potential donors will have nothing but praise for his work. I can assure you that the combination of you, Shahar, all of your other JNF colleagues I had the pleasure to meet, Dubi from Gil Travel, Virginia from Kenes and Yaniv will exceed the expectations of any JNF donor. To the extent any travel client is not a JNF donor, they will become one after experiencing the results of this team's efforts. Again, thank you for all of your time, consideration, effort and friendship. I look forward to talking with you soon!  -  All the best, Ellisa

Been back home for nearly 2 weeks now, and just thought I'd take this opportunity to thank you for an absolutely, positively, fantastic vacation. Allan and I were extremely well looked after from beginning till end …Being regular travellers, Irving and I would be happy to use your company again in the near future and wish you all the best.  -  Goldie Birch

“We have participated in CAARI for 14 years. We stay for the entire trip—the sooner we can escape the winter weather, the better! Lots of people come back year after year, and we have created a CAARI family that keeps in touch when we are not together. That is one of the most wonderful parts of participating in CAARI. Israel is such a small country, but every year we see something new, or we get a new perspective on a site that we have visited before. It is amazing.”  -  Anice Stark

“We thought the mission was beautifully planned, well executed and a joy to experience.”  -  Len & Judy Wizmur

"My wife and I just returned last week from the JNF Grand Tour of Israel including the side trip to Petra. It was a wonderful trip, exceeding our highest hopes. Thank you for the thought and consideration in creating this itinerary. Our tour guide, Tomar, was personable, professional and accommodating. We highly recommend your tour to our friends."  -  Peter and Marjorie Albin

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