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Kibbutz Lotan

JNF’s partnership with Kibbutz Lotan has three main components that relate to water conservation, forestation, and environmental/ecological education. The JNF has chosen Kibbutz Lotan for this project because of its commitment to integrating Judaism and environmental awareness and its practical applications for community organization. Lotan is at the forefront of Israeli efforts at creating an ecologically sustainable community that maintains the fragile balance between development and preservation of the desert environment.

This community in the Southern Arava is home to over 160 men, women and children. The kibbutz economy is based primarily on agriculture: dates, onions, watermelons and field crops as well as a successful dairy herd. In recent years, Lotan has begun the development of its tourism industry with an environmental education center, migratory bird reserve, and holistic health facilities and guest houses.

Over the past 7 years, Lotan has invested its own limited resources in developing Eco-Kef: The Center for Creative Ecology, and the Lotan Birdwatching Center, with its reserve for migrating birds, both functioning as main attractions of Lotan’s Ecotourism branch. With the evolving JNF partnership, Lotan will gain an opportunity to expand the number of jobs and draw larger participation of Israelis and foreign tourists in its varied programs. JNF has recognized Lotan’s environmental efforts and vision as an extension of its own environmentalism, resulting in the concept for expanding the eco-education facilities, creating the constructed wetlands and birdwatching park.

Get involved and Donate to Kibbutz Lotan. For naming opportunities call your local office at 888-JNF-0099.


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