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Kibbutz Yahel

Yahel, located approximately 65 kilometers north of Eilat, is a vibrant community of nearly 200 residents in the center of the harsh Arava Desert Valley. Its agricultural achievements are impressive, including the largest date plantation in the region, a high yielding pomelo orchard, and a successful dairy herd. A bed-and-breakfast tourism enterprise provides another important source of income.

Kibbutz Yahel, in partnership with JNF, is developing a recreational/educational park to serve travelers driving to and from Eilat and the Sinai all year round. The Yahel Park will be a boon to the existing tourist business, attract new residents and provide opportunities for employment that have been severely lacking at Yahel.

The park will demonstrate a central theme of JNF’s work in the desert – water conservation and development. The anchor of the park is a reservoir surrounded by date palms to provide shade and the feeling of a desert oasis.
Attractions will include walking paths, a lookout tower providing a view of the Arava Valley, playground facilities, gardens, a Farmers Market, restaurant/coffee bar and a motion-based ride where the participant will experience the wonder, exhilaration and dangers of desert flash floods, while learning about the secret of survival in the desert. Finally, a motorized tour will provide an insight into the amazing successes in agriculture in this harsh and forbidding environment.

Get involved and Donate to Kibbutz Yahel. For naming opportunities call your local office at 888-JNF-0099.


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