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AMHSI Impact Funds

AMHSI Impact Funds

The Impact Fellowship Program provides Jewish students with the extraordinary opportunity to connect to the land of Israel. Through the generous support of the sponsoring families, local high school students will be selected to experience the given program at AMHSI as Impact Fellows. This program is an all-inclusive journey including tuition, on-campus housing, meal plan, educational material, and trip costs, providing selected applicants the opportunity of a lifetime.

Impact fellows will join together with other high school students from North America and across the globe. AMHSI’s curriculum is an intensive review of Israel and 4,000 years of Jewish history, which provides them with the context and framework to discover and explore their own link within the chain of Jewish continuity. AMHSI's unique academic approach fuses traditional classroom study and informal experiential learning. Israel becomes a living classroom.

The Arizona Impact Fund, sponsored by the Schwartz-Hammer Family

  • Summer 2017, six-week program
  • Open to residents of Arizona entering their senior year of high school at the time of travel
  • Application deadline: February 28, 2017
  • For more information, contact Audrey Lewish at or 480.447.8100 x983

About the Sponsor

The Arizona Impact Fund was created by Sheila Schwartz, a Phoenix local with a heart of gold. She is a prominent leader in the Jewish community and has touched every Jewish organization in some way. Schwartz wanted to make an impact on the Valley’s Jewish community by bringing Arizona youth to Israel to strengthen their Jewish identity while developing a deep-rooted connection to Jewish life, to the Jewish people, and to Israel. Together with Eli and Lesley Hammer and Frank and Jennifer Schwartz, she is now able to make this dream a reality through the AMHSI Impact Fellowship Program.

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The Atlanta Impact Fund, in memory of Shirlye Kaufman Birnbrey

  • Spring 2017, semester program
  • Open to residents of Atlanta in their junior year of high school in January of 2017
  • Application deadline: August 31, 2016
  • For more information, contact Alicia Press at or 954.817.7108

About the Sponsor

The Shirlye Kaufman Birnbrey AMHSI Impact Fellowship Program was created by Shirlye's children: Jeff and Alison Kaufman, Richard (z"l) and Barbara Kaufman, Mark and Nancy Kaufman, and Karen and Craig Senf in memory of their mother, who always promoted the importance of funding Jewish schools. Born into a southern Zionist family, Shirlye's life as a child was steeped in orthodox cultural, social, and intellectual Judaism in small town Georgia. She insisted on a strong formal Jewish education for her family and she adhered to her own strong beliefs by participation in and funding of many Jewish institutions. She was blessed with a wonderful life intertwined with a generous spirit. This fund allows her children to continue this legacy for future generations of Jews and the advancement of Jewish culture.

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The Greater New York Impact Fund

  • December 2016, eight-week program
  • Open to residents of New York or Connecticut entering their sophomore or junior year of high school in fall of 2016
  • Application deadline: July 1, 2016
  • For more information, contact Marni Lobelson Heller at or 914.584.3066
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The Massachusetts Impact Fund, sponsored by the Linowes Family

  • Fall 2016, semester session
  • Open to residents of Massachusetts entering their sophomore or junior year of high school at the time of travel
  • Application deadline: April 1, 2016
  • For more information, contact Dana Gerbie Klein at or 617.438.8775

About the Sponsor

The Boston Impact Fund is newly created with seed funding as a bequest from the Estate of Dorothy Wolf Linowes of Scarsdale, NY and Washington, DC. Dorothy, along with her husband David F. Linowes, actively engaged with and supported nearly a half-dozen synagogues and all the key Jewish organizations in both DC and NY throughout their 90+ year lifetimes. Dorothy's sustained focus was to build lifelong Jewish identity, love of Jewish community, and commitment to Jewish causes. She believed in the mission and the integrity of JNF. Through the AMHSI program, Dorothy's lifetime commitment continues to grow as New England (Boston) youth strengthen their Jewish identity while developing a deep-rooted connection to the Jewish people and to Israel. Because two of her children and eight of her grandchildren are from New England, Boston was selected as the site for the new Impact Fund. Two of Dorothy's grandchildren are graduates of AMHSI.

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The Philadelphia Impact Fund, sponsored by Hans and Gloria Schott

  • February 2016, eight-week
  • Open to residents of Philadelphia entering their sophomore or junior year of high school in fall of 2016
  • Application deadline: October 5, 2016
  • For more information, contact Dana Gerbie Klein at or 617.438.8775

About the Sponsor

Coming Soon

Apply Here

Additional Information for All Impact Fund Applicants

  • All applications must be submitted by the due dates with a deposit of $350. The deposit will be refunded if not accepted to the fellowship.
  • The participants experience begins (and ends) at JFK and is all inclusive from there.
  • The application process will include an in-person interview.

Applicants must:

  • Raise $1,000 through JNF’s Plant Your Way to Israel program
  • Publicize their experience through AMHSI and JNF's various social media platforms both during and after the Program.

Returning AMHSI participants will be expected to:

  • Serve as a AMHSI ambassador at events once the fellow returns, including but not limited to: parlor meetings, JNF’s Board of Directors.
  • Participate in JNF’s Taglit-Birthright Israel program.
  • Write about their experience in Israel for the greater community.

About Alexander Muss High School in Israel

AMSHI is more than just a trip to Israel – it’s an experience where students gain skills in independent living, engage in deep personal growth and form lifelong friendships. During their semester in Israel, students will take Hebrew immersion classes, experience Gadna - a week-long basic training course for Israeli youth, embark on a 4-day adventure from the Mediterranean Sea to the Sea of Galilee and travel to Poland to learn about the Holocaust's destructive impact, all while continuing their general studies courses from their home high school. As a result of the AMHSI experience, students leave Israel committed to giving back to their communities and better prepared for life on college campuses and beyond.

AMHSI is fully accredited through the Commission of Secondary Schools of the Middle States Association and provides a variety of sessions throughout the year. Our fusion of the formal and informal approaches to study provides our students with the kind of transformative learning environment that makes Israel - the landscape - the classroom. AMHSI’s exceptional educators and counselors facilitate the kind of program that enables our participants to explore and discover their place around the table of Jewish continuity.

AMHSI participants live at our Hod HaSharon campus which includes state-of-the-art dormitories, classrooms, outdoor spaces, as well as athletic facilities. The campus also offers a computer room, science labs, the incredible Rappaport Music Room, and the brand new AMHSI Ben-Dor Student Radio Broadcasting Station.

AMHSI's multifaceted approach to experiential learning provides multiple entry points into the Jewish narrative, encouraging each and every student to find his/her interest from culture to history, geography to philosophy and identity to peoplehood. As a college preparatory experience, we have received countless testimonials from students and parents highlighting how the program has prepared them for college life and beyond. To learn more about AMHSI visit

Alexander Muss High School in Israel is a place of exploration and discovery. Since 1972, 24,000 alumni later, AMHSI continues to pioneer the academic and experiential teaching of Israel and Jewish history at the high school level. Our bold vision of transforming tomorrow’s generation today impacts the building of a brighter future for tomorrow.


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