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Kindergarten - 6th Grade (Elementary School)

YourPage for Teachers and Families

Plant Your Way to IsraelTeachers, youth leaders, parents and students can find games, puzzles, stories, crafts and recipes for the classroom, youth groups and camps. Educational tools on everything from Jewish holidays, Israel, conservation, Shabbat and more! Click here to access YourPage.


Plant Your Way to Israel

Plant Your Way to IsraelJNF’s Plant Your Way to Israel program allows students to raise money toward a trip to Israel by raising funds for forestry projects in Israel. Half of the donation will go to JNF forestry projects in Israel, and the other half will be placed in a special account on the student’s behalf to be redeemed to help pay for a trip to Israel with family, a youth group or school. Click here to register and learn more.


Blue Box Bob

Blue Box BobParent or teacher volunteers dressed as Blue Box Bob visit students in grades pre-K - 4, connecting them to modern Israel while teaching the history of our homeland with age-appropriate educational materials. To order Blue Box Bob for your school or party or to sign up for the Blue Box Bob Birthday Club, e-mail us at!

Join the Blue Box Bob Birthday Club.


Register for a Blue Box Bob visit to your school.



World Water Monitoring Day

World Water Monitoring DayOctober 18th has been declared International World Water Monitoring Day. JNF, through a grant from the United States Forest Service, encourages schools throughout the U.S. and Israel to test their water sources and share that information with schools worldwide. To register, go to


Tu BiShvat in the Schools

Tu BiShvat in the SchoolsConnect your students to their roots by planting a tree in Israel with JNF's Tu BiShvat in the Schools Program. Host a Tu BiShvat seder with JNF's Branching Out Haggadah to teach students about the spiritual and environmental significance of the holiday. To register, go to


Let Us Play!

Let Us Play!Participate in JNF's Let Us Play! program in support of the JNF Sderot Indoor Recreation Center. Jewish students across the United States will work together toward a common goal: continue to provide the children of Sderot with a safe and secure place to play, away from the danger of falling rockets. Since opening on Purim 2009, the center entertains over 500 visitors daily. Your support will provide the kids of Sderot with much needed sports equipment, toys, games, books, art supplies, and therapy sessions so they can continue to have a safe place to play. Visit for more information.


Gibborim: Military Heroes Tell the Story of Our Homeland

Gibborim: Military Heroes Tell the Story of Our HomelandThis program tells the stories of the men and women who have fought to establish and protect the State of Israel. Through the biographies and activities, students will learn the meaning of Kol Yisrael arevim zeh bazeh: All of Israel is responsible for one another (Talmud, Tractate Shavuot 39a). This program also focuses on shared values of Israel and the United States - freedom and democracy. To learn more, visit


Parparim, Butterfly Migration in the Middle East: Beyond the Boundaries

Created by JNF in partnership with the US Forest Service, this 5-part modular curriculum for students in grades 4 through 6 can be easily integrated into a school’s existing science and social studies curricula. The program includes a recorded webinar featuring Israeli butterfly expert Dr. Guy Pe’er.

  • Available to download online at no cost to schools
  • Connection to the Butterfly Project of the Holocaust Museum in Houston, TX through the symbolism related to butterflies
  • Focuses on the geography and climate of Israel and other countries in the Middle East through the framework of butterfly migration and the environment

Where’s the Water?

An engaging tool (poster and video set) for teaching elementary grade students about the importance of water, and innovative techniques for alleviating the water crisis, set in the framework of Israel’s geography.


LOTEM for Schools

By learning about and supporting LOTEM - Making Nature Accessible, students can help make nature accessible to all children in Israel and learn important Jewish values. Lessons have been created for grades 2 - 5, highlighting Jewish values about community and respect for nature.

For more information, please contact, 212-879-9305 x263


Adopt a Firefighter

For over 109 years Jewish National Fund (JNF) has played a pivotal role in establishing and supporting the land of Israel. Now you and your family can continue to support and protect our Jewish homeland with the “Adopt an Israeli Firefighter” Bar/Bat Mitzvah Project through The Friends of Israeli Firefighters, (FIF), a JNF partner.

For more information, please contact, 212-879-9305 x263


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