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Tu BiShvat in the Schools

Celebrate Tu BiShvat. Plant a Tree in Israel.

Engage your students in connecting to Israel while helping the environment.

Thank you for participating in Jewish National Fund’s Tu BiShvat in the Schools program. Planting a tree in Israel is a wonderful experience no matter how many times you do it. It is also the quintessential way to celebrate Tu BiShvat and connect to the land and people of Israel. By participating, your child will receive a beautiful JNF Tree Certificate and make a personal connection to the land of Israel that will last a lifetime.

Register for JNF’s Tu BiShvat in the Schools program to receive everything you will need to educate, engage, and energize your students to celebrate Tu BiShvat this year.

Choose The Way You Participate:

1) Encourage each student to fulfill the mitzvah of tree planting and set a goal for 100% participation from your class and school!

2) Pick a goal of how many trees your entire school will plant and encourage everyone to help make it happen. All it takes is 100 trees to receive special recognition in Israel!

NEW 3) Use a webpage set up specifically for your school to plant your Tu BiShvat trees! All schools will receive a certificate upon completion of their Tu BiShvat campaign; plaques are received as stated below. Click here to create a page. Email if you would like to use this option.

JNF Recognizes Students & Schools for Program Participation:

  • Schools that plant 100 trees or more will receive special recognition with a plaque at American Independence Park in Jerusalem. Schools that raise $1,800, $2,500, or $5,000 will have a plaque placed in their honor. A certificate will also be sent to the school for display.
  • This year, we are raffling off FIVE prizes for schools! The more trees your school plants, the greater the prize! Based on your tree purchases, you’ll be included in a raffle in a specific category- prize value increases in each level. In addition this year, every school that participates in JNF’s Tu BiShvat program will be entered in to a special raffle, for a chance to win TWO round trip tickets to ISRAEL!
  • This year’s Raffle Levels:
    • Level 1: More than $180 raised in tree purchases- Positively Israel Swag for the School
    • Level 2: More than $540 raised in tree purchases - Pizza Party for your top fundraising class
    • Level 3: More than $1800 raised in tree purchases - 1 GoPro (to be given to the winner of your choosing) and Positively Israel Swag for the School
    • Level 4: More than $3600 raised in tree purchases - 2 prizes of an iPad Mini (to be given to the winner of your choosing) and Positively Israel Swag for the School

Your Program Kit Will Include:

  • JNF tree order forms and envelopes – one for every student to participate.
  • A tree trunk poster for each of your classrooms. With our new program, each class will personalize their trees with leaves! Email us a picture of your finished poster at so we can post your success on our website and our facebook page.
  • Leaf stickers with an activity that connects your student and their family to Israel, that they will bring home to fill out with their parent(s). When they bring the leaf back to school with their JNF tree order form, they will stick it on to their classroom tree trunk!
  • A blank outlined map of Israel for each classroom to serve as a “donation thermometer.” You’ll be able to mark the map with tree-purchase goals, and color it in green when you hit each new goal!
  • A letter to send home to parents explaining the program and the activity that you’d like them to complete.
  • Access to webpages for Tu BiShvat programming and educational resources, at

Please distribute one tree order envelope, letter home, Plant Your Way flyer and leaf sticker to each student in time for Tu BiShvat. Tree order envelopes and leaf stickers should be brought home and returned to the school with complete information as soon as possible. Please make sure that each envelope is sealed (leafs should not be in the envelope!).

Send all sealed orders, in one large envelope, to:
JNF Tu BiShvat in the Schools Program
78 Randall Ave • Rockville Centre, NY 11570

Please mail all tree orders to JNF by March 1st, 2016 so you may receive your tree certificates in a timely manner and be entered into our raffles.

Upon our receipt of your school’s tree orders, an email confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address provided on your program registration. If you do not receive an email from us within two weeks of sending the order, please contact our office directly.

*You can ask families to mail tree envelopes directly to JNF and students’ certificates will be mailed directly to their home. Families will not receive an e-mail confirmation of their order.   Please note: bulk orders from schools are generally processed faster – if this system has worked for you in the past, we encourage you to continue to participate in this manner. Certificates take 3-4 weeks to process. Only this year’s JNF tree order forms will be accepted. 

*If more forms or posters are required, contact us and we will send them at no charge.

Questions? Contact us at 212-879-9305 ext. 245 or at


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