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Parparim, Butterfly Migration in the Middle East: Beyond the Boundaries

Register today for Parparim, Butterfly Migration in the Middle East: Beyond the Boundaries.

Created by JNF in partnership with the US Forest Service, this 5-part modular curriculum for students in grades 4 through 6 can be easily integrated into a school’s existing science and social studies curricula. The program includes a conference call with PowerPoint presentation, featuring Israeli butterfly expert Guy Pe’er, where students can see the flora and fauna of Israel and have their questions answered by a butterfly expert.

Parparim focuses on the geography and climate of Israel and other countries in the Middle East through the framework of butterfly migration and the environment.

Students will also be engaged in community service projects to benefit conservation in their local communities and in Israel. 

The program explores social issues.  Students will connect to the Butterfly Project of the Holocaust Museum in Houston, TX through the symbolism related to butterflies: transformation, hope, faith and religious freedom.

Lessons are designed to be taught from mid-March through May. The conference call with Dr. Guy Pe'er is planned for varied times during April 2014, to accommodate school schedules.  All materials will be available to download on-line at no cost to schools.


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