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Military Heroes Tell the Story of Our Homeland

Gibborim: Military Heroes Tell the Story of Our Homeland tells the stories of the men and women who have fought to establish and protect the State of Israel. Through the biographies and activities, students will learn the meaning of Kol Yisrael arevim zeh bazeh:All of Israel is responsible for one another (Talmud, Tractate Shavuot 39a). This program also focuses on shared values of Israel and the United States - freedom and democracy.

Gibborim is designed for use by formal or informal educators with students in grades 3-12.  The program consists of 10 short biographies of military heroes, each a springboard for learning about a different topic relating to Israel from World War I to today; a timeline; maps and videos. Educational components can be used as individual lessons, or as part of a larger ongoing learning opportunity. The Educator’s Guide contains activities and additional resources for study.

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Register to receive the complete Gibborim Biographies & Teacher’s Guide, at no cost. View a sample biography, activities, and additional resources, below.

Educational Materials (large files – please allow one minute to download)

Gibborim - Sample Biography and Teacher’s Guide
Gibborim Timeline
Gibborim Name Labels for Timeline Display
Text of Video: Katcha Speaks to Students

Katcha Speaks to Students

Colonel Shimon Cahaner

Video Timeline of JNF's History

A wall map of Israel is available at no cost.  To request a map, please contact:, or 212-879-9305 x263.

The Museum at Ammunition Hill. This exciting museum in Jerusalem is the site of the pivotal 1967 battle that made possible the reunification of the city. JNF has built a Wall of Honor on the site to pay tribute to the heroism and courage of Jewish soldiers who, throughout history, have fought in defense of their countries far beyond their proportions to the general population. To learn more about the museum, click here

Gibborim: Military Heroes Tell the Story of Our Homeland was created by Nina Woldin, Educational Content Manager, JNF; edited by Rabbi Eric M. Lankin, D.Min., Chief, Institutional Advancement and Education, JNF and Mara Suskauer, Executive Director, Israel Advocacy and  Education, JNF. Educational consultants: Deborah Dixler, educator, Newark Academy, Livingston, NJ; Gloria Fondiller, retired educator, Kent Place School, Summit, NJ; Yossi Katz, educator, Alexander Muss High School in Israel.  Lone Soldier by Seffi Kogen, education intern, JNF; Passing the Torch to the Next Generation adapted from an article by the English Teachers’ Association of Israel.


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