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Tu BiShvat Across Campus

Just as we eat matzah on Pesach, and build a sukkah on Sukkot, planting trees and connecting to Israel is the way to celebrate Tu BiShvat. Tu BiShvat Across Campus is a multi-core campaign by JNF and WZO Dept. for Diaspora Activities to bring Israel to your community by conducting meaningful and exciting observance of Tu BiShvat. You can choose to participate by planting trees in Israel, holding a Tu BiShvat Seder, partying with our Israeli pub quiz, or studying with our Zionist texts through our "green" beit midrash and other educational experiences. No matter which option you choose, we will provide you with the resources to celebrate Tu BiShvat in your way.

Israeli Green Pub Quiz

Have a fun, environmental-themed Israeli trivia night using pop culture media! Create teams with your friends or play individually. You will get an insight into Israeli society and its cutting edge environmental technologies while watching cool contemporary commercials and videos from Israel. You must register using the link above to receive the Israeli Green Pub Quiz in the mail.

Leader's Guide Trivia Questions Trivia Answers Video

Tu BiShvat Seder

Enjoy the story of Tu BiShvat through the tradition of a contemporary and fun Seder. Eat special fruit that symbols Israel, reflect on our connection to the land of Israel throughout history and discuss environmental issues that Israel and the world are facing today. You can combine games and culture elements as you wish. Appropriate for every group and level of knowledge.

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Tu BiShvat Tree Campaign

Just as our fathers and grandfathers planted trees in Israel before us, it is our responsibility to do the same for generations to come. Join JNF and honor someone special with a tree this Tu BiShvat. Each campus that reaches $500 will receive a plaque in their honor.

Plant a Tree Now

Need a Speaker?

We are happy to help you find a speaker in your community that will speak to your group about the story of Israel, Zionism, and the Environment. Please reach us using the contact information provided below.

Green Zionist Beit Midrash

Enjoy Jewish & Zionist texts, and articles in which we will learn together about the environment and green movement in light of Jewish and Zionist values and provocative questions and discussions topics (part of the ongoing Beit Ha’Am project of the WZO Department For Diaspora activities).

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Contact Us

JNF Israel Advocacy and Education
212.879.9305 x245

JNF Israel Advocacy and Education Team

Amy Cytron, MN, IA, KS, ND, SD & MO, 414.963.8733 x776
Anne Tanhoff Greenspoon, Mid-Atlantic & Pennsylvania, 410.486.3317 x835 :
Audrey Lewis, Arizona & Desert States, 480.447.8100 x983
Daniel Friedman, California & Western States, 323.964.1400 x956
Gali Gordon, New England, 617.423.0999 x814
Maura Koenig, New York City, Westchester and Upstate NY, 212.879.9305, x246
Rebekah Sedwin, New Jersey, 973.593.0095 x828
Tal Shaked-Cretella, San Francisco Bay Area, 415.677.9600 x974
Yishai Goldflam, Executive Director, 212.879.9305 x230,
Nelson France, Director of Campus and High School Affairs, 212.879.9305 x295,
Alissa Hartnig, WA and OR, 206.760.1188 x941
Sharona Thall, Brooklyn and Long Israel, 516.678.6805 x224
Tami Salz, GA, NC, SC, AL, TN, AR, MI, 404.236.8990 x856
Alysha Erez, FL, OK, LA, 561.447.9733 x876,
Judy Levenson, OH, KY, 513.794.1300 x781,
Elianna Wasser, Project Coordinator, 212.879.9305 x245,

WZO Regional Directors:

Rotem Malach, Central Shaliach of the WZO-DDA in North America
Dana Grietzer Gotlieb, Northern California Regional Director
Yosef Perlmutter, New York Regional Director,


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