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Equipment Needed for Israel's Firefighters

Equipment Needed for Israel's Firefighters

Since 2006, JNF donations have provided 53 compact fire trucks and safety equipment to help foresters and communities with aging first response fleets. Through the Friends of Israel Firefighters, JNF is raising funds to purchase new trucks for communities in need.  The Fire Department also is in desperate need of protective gear and rescue equipment. Firefighters are often the first to arrive at an emergency, and they must be prepared for a wide range of scenarios.

The Friends of Israel Firefighters, with the help of its partners like Jewish National Fund, is sending more trucks to communities across Israel. Individuals, synagogues and organizations across the United States have purchased fire trucks and equipment to support the Israel Firefighters.

No other vehicle in the Israel fleet has the versatility of the Rotem Compact Fire Truck. These compact and maneuverable trucks were introduced into the Fire and Rescue Services only during the past few years and demonstrated their reliability during the 2006 Second Lebanon War when thousands of missiles were fired into northern Israel. These fire engines provide a quick response to all situations including car accidents, fires, and rescue. The Rotem Truck has a water tank, a ultra-high pressure pump and hose which meet the highest international standards. These fire engines are ideal for narrow streets and equally adept to rough terrain. Easily deployed, they are the ultimate first response vehicles. 40 more Rotem Compact Fire Trucks are needed in Israel now.

This versatile vehicle is the backbone of the Israeli fleet, called into service at almost every incident of fire and rescue throughout Israel. It is equipped for any eventually, from rescuing people trapped under the rubble of buildings that have collapsed, to extinguishing forest fires. Loaded with 800 gallons of water and 80 gallons of foam concentrate, it is outfitted with a ladder and 70 pieces of specialized equipment for saving lives. 50 new trucks are needed now to insure that each community in Israel has this important firefighting tool.

Alon Forest Fire TruckFOREST FIRE TRUCK
The existing fleet of fire engines is inadequate to respond to the challenging conditions of forest fires. These conditions dictate that vehicles must be fitted with superior traction and the flexibility of response, as well as have a compact physical profile. Together with the Jewish National Fund (JNF), an assembled team of professionals designed a new fire engine that would provide the answer for Israel's future concerns. The new engine is just over 6 meters in length (18 feet) and less than 4 meters high (12 feet) including the height of a special water cannon. Its tanks are able to carry 4,400 liters of water and foam concentrate. 20 newly designed Forest Fire Engines are needed to supplement the existing fire engine fleet and to ensure maximum protection of Israel's forests.

The Eshed Pumper has been designed to respond to accidents or deliberate attacks on sites that are particularly fire sensitive. Carrying 3,434 gallons of water and 264 gallons of foam concentrate, the Eshed Pumper has the largest capacity to extinguish fires presently in the Israeli fleet. It is essential for bringing water to emergencies where a hydrant is not nearby. Israel needs 9 new Eshed Pumpers now to meet the present and future challenges.

Nesher Crane and Ladder TruckNESHER CRANE AND LADDER TRUCK
The Nesher Crane and Ladder is built for firefighting and rescue at heights reaching up to 138 feet or 12 stories. Its aerial ladder platform is capable of carrying four persons, and its hose and pumping system can deliver 634 gallons or water per minute. In 2004, the capabilities of the Nesher were tested when terrorists bombed the multi-storied Hilton hotel in Taba, Egypt. Eilat firefighters were the first on the scene and the Nesher Crane and Ladder played a vital part in their life-saving efforts. The Nesher provided the only way to reach the upper floors and rescue trapped victims. 10 new Nesher Crane and Ladder fire engines are needed in Israel now.

With a population of over 7 million residents, since independence in 1948, Israel has absorbed millions of new immigrants, built a technologically advanced society and created a thriving economy. Industrialization creates its own challenges particularly in a highly urbanized and densely populated region. With the increasing regional dangers and relentless threats, the Israel Fire and Rescue Services must be prepared for all eventualities. Israel has 120 fire stations, but there are still XX communities in Israel without a local station. The government can't provide enough funds, quickly enough, to meet the existing need.

The Fire Department also is in desperate need of infra-red cameras that help the fire fighters search for trapped people when they enter a burning house. Currently, there are only four of these cameras in the entire country; at least 21 more are needed to ensure all regional stations are equipped.

Crew Protective GearIn Israel today, fire fighters must be prepared for any emergency, including dealing with hazardous materials and working under threat of rocket fire. You can outfit a crew of firefighters with the protective gear - helmets, HAZMAT clothing - they need and save lives.

Specialized rescue equipment, including the "Jaws of Life", are essentials for today's fire stations. You can provide a firefighting unit with the rescue equipment they need to meet any and all emergencies. We cannot allow unchecked fires to destroy Israel's identity. Please stand with JNF and Friends of Israel Firefighters in defending the country and its people. Click here to donate, or call JNF at 1-888-0099 to learn more.  


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