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Operation Security Blanket - Campaign Information

Jewish National Fund Operation Security Blanket

Below you will find details of Jewish National Fund's work to support the people of Israel during this time of crisis. We encourage you to donate to any of the areas of support individually or to the campaign as a whole. Thank you for your support of Jewish National Fund and the Israeli people.

In addition the information below, we are providing daily updates on our activities in Israel at the News & Updates page. You can reach the page at

Summertime respite out of rocket range
for Israeli children

You cannot view the flash movie. Please visit to see the video.

Responding immediately to the situation in northern Israel and around Gaza, Jewish National Fund / Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael is raising money to send Israeli children who have been cooped up in bomb shelters to its summer camps in central Israel.

Nes Harim, a camp in Jerusalem’s American Independence Park, will work at full capacity to accommodate hundreds of children at a time for three-day stays. Israel's top youth movement, Chugei Sayarut, a division of JNF-KKL, is also retrofitting forest sites for summer camps throughout central Israel and the northern Negev for five- to seven-day stays. JNF-KKL will provide roundtrip transportation, food and activities, and security.

Help give a child respite from the rocket attacks. Your contributions will:

  • Give parents a few worry-free days
  • Give children a sense of normalcy and calm
  • Allow children to experience the summer the way they should

Click here to donate to the cause.

Security Roads by Lebanon and Gaza borders

Kids on Bus at Security RoadWhen Israel pulled out of Lebanon in 2000, Jewish National Fund immediately built security roads to protect the citizens of the region as they traveled to work and school. Those roads have played an integral part in ensuring the security of Israeli citizens, and today, as the current crisis unfolds, they are as critical as ever.

In fact, Jewish National Fund is building security roads today on the border with Gaza. These vital roads can cost up to $1million per kilometer. We need your help to keep Israeli citizens and their children safe from those who would harm them.

Click here to donate or call your local office at 888-JNF-0099, and help JNF respond as only it can to help the land and people of Israel.

Emergency Response Equipment

fireDonate here to help JNF purchase emergency response vehicles/fire trucks, bulletproof vests and helmets for firefighters and emergency response personnel.

As municipal firefighters respond to emergencies in the towns and villages in the north of Israel, JNF firefighters battle ongoing blazes that are ravaging the area's forests.

firefighterTo date, 2,500 acres of grazing land and 1,500 acres of forest and in the north of Israel are burning from direct hits by Katusha rockets. JNF forestfighters and area volunteers are risking their lives daily to save them, even as the rockets fall.

JNF is helping to provide these firefighters with emergency equipment -shrapnel-proof flexible vests and ceramic helmets - as they work under threat of Katyusha fire. Also needed are special fire-retardant chemicals
to slow the spread of fire.

BiryadestroyedJNF is raising money to purchase emergency response equipment, including compact fire trucks. These rapid response vehicles are quickly deployed, have easy access to narrow streets and alleyways, and are highly effective in rough terrain. The fire trucks are economical at a cost of $100,000 each.

On Friday 7/14/2006 Gideon Meir, Deputy Director General, Media and Public Affairs, Israel Foreign Affairs Ministry, spoke to top leadership of JNF on the current situation in Israel. To hear a recording of the conference, go to


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