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9/11 Living Memorial Events

9/11 Anniversary Commemoration Ceremony

A ceremony commemorating the tenth anniversary of 9/11 will be held at JNF's 9/11 Living Memorial in Jerusalem.

When is the event?
Date: Sunday, September 11, 2011, 2:00pm (Israel time)
Location: KKL-JNF 9/11 Memorial – Jerusalem Park, (Emek Arazim)

Who will be in attendance?
We are honored that Mayor Nir Barkat of Jerusalem, Mr. Efi Stenzler, KKL-JNF World Chairman, and Stanley Chesley, President of JNF USA will all be present at the event along with many other distinguished guests. You can view the full program for more information.

How can I attend?
Contact the JNF office in Israel at 02-563-5638 to RSVP. We apologize that we cannot admit anyone to the event that has not put their name on our list by 08:00 (Israel time) on Sunday morning.

How do I get there?
From Jerusalem:

  1. Take Route 1 (towards Tel Aviv)
  2. After about 4 kilometers (3 miles) take the turnoff (to the tight) towards "Bet Zayit" & "Motza".
  3. Travel about 500 meters (400 yards). You will come to a "T" junction.
  4. At the "T" junction continue rtraight onto a dirt/unpaved road.
  5. Continue straight on the dirt/unpaved road until it becomes paved.
  6. The paved road curves to the right.
  7. Follow the signage leading to the site.

From Tel-Aviv:

  1. Take Route 1 (Ayalon Highway towards Jerusalem).
  2. As you approach Jerusalem you will go under the Harel Bridge.
  3. 2.6 Kilometers (2 miles) after you have gone under the Harel Bridge, you will come to the exit/turnoff (on your right) towards "Bet Zayit" & "Motza".
  4. Take this turnoff and then an immediate left towards Mevaseret.
  5. Travel 400 meters (300 yards), then turn left towards Mevaseret.
  6. Travel for 120 meters (110 yards) and continue under the overpass.
  7. After 30 meters (25 yards), turn right onto a dirt / unpaved road.
  8. Continue straight on the dirt/unpaved road till it becomes paved.
  9. The paved road curves to the Right.
  10. Follow the signage leading to the site.

How can I support the 9/11 Living Memorial in Jerusalem?
Donate directly to the project, or purchase a memorial stamp from the JNF Store.


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