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About Ammunition Hill

Jewish National Fund is assisting in the development and renovation of the Ammunition Hill Memorial site. Ammunition Hill is located in Jerusalem and is the historic site of the battle for the reunification of the city in the '67 War. Visit the Ammunition Hill Memorial site here.

JNF involvement in Ammunition Hill is an exciting opportunity as the site is:

    Soldier at Ammunition Hill
  • A must-see stop on the agenda of tourists visiting Jerusalem
  • The location of the annual Jerusalem Day celebration
  • The setting of the induction ceremony for IDF paratroopers
  • A tribute to the soldiers who are so crucial to the security of the Jewish State
  • A symbol of Israeli heroism and fortitude

The restored site portrays the siege of Jerusalem in the '67 War and serves as an educational center of the battles waged there. Renovations will include a series of interactive exhibits and informational stations. From the point of entry visitors will view the Breakthrough Wall where the story of the divided Jerusalem on the eve of the Six-Day War will be presented. Directly past the Breakthrough Wall, a tour following in the footsteps of the soldiers who fought at the Ammunition Hill will begin. The new City-Line Amphitheatre uses an innovative multimedia system to illustrate the events of the battle.

The visitors' route through the battleground will lead to the entrance of a museum, which will give an account of the campaign waged for Jerusalem and the city's reunification.

The battle description concludes at the awe-inspiring Wall of Gold, a wall upon which are inscribed the names of the 181 men who died protecting the people of Israel and the country they loved in the battle for Jerusalem. Beyond the Wall of Gold visitors can proceed to the Shrine of Remembrance, a structure dedicated to preserving the memories of the fighters, each of whom played a heroic role in the story of Israel's re-emergence. The tour then leads visitors into Jerusalem Hall, showing the now united, expanding and developing city of Jerusalem - the city of peace. The tour concludes at the Sanctuary of the Covenant, which is designed to extol the solidarity, acts of heroism, national revival and perpetuation of Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel and of the Jewish people. In addition to the tour, there will also be an information center, an educational center, an archive, a library, and a variety of additional services and activities.

The renovation of Ammunition Hill will create an emotional and informational experience for all those visiting the site. JNF, along with the support of donors like you can bring history to life by creating this vital exhibit depicting a crucial battle in Israel's history.

Project Spotlight: The City-Line Amphitheatre

The City-Line exhibit is an exciting, hi-tech sound and light display that presents the story of the five-mile-long line that divided Jerusalem between 1948 and 1967, and concentrates on the battles along it during the Six-Day War, that led to the reunification of the city.

Visitors watch a stirring video while a 3-D model of the city and its environs lights up to illustrate troop movements and battles. 

The model was built thanks to a generous donation by Larry Russ of Los Angeles, CA. It’s a must-see stop on your tour of Ammunition Hill.

Project Spotlight: The Battle Site

The battle siteThe Battle Site of Ammunition Hill will be restored as closely as possible to its condition on the day of the battle. This includes refurbishing all fences, posts, trenches and bunkers. Visitors to the site will be able to follow the progression of the battle, and view the weapons used at that time through this new, interactive tour. The course of the battle will be recreated, with the sounds of the fighting and the voices of commanders and fighters. The Battle Site will be a compelling, powerful and emotional exhibit, which will convey the intensity of the fighting to all visiting Ammunition Hill. At the summit of the hill there will be an observation point with descriptions of the surrounding terrain, both the way it looks today and the way it was in 1967.

The tour of the battle site will constitute a central element in the visitors' route to the museum and other parts of the Ammunition Hill site. With your help, we will be able to create a new exhibit that can teach people about the battle at Ammunition Hill in a meaningful and memorable way.

To learn more about honoring Jewish soldiers on the Wall of Honor at Ammunition Hill, click here.


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