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Tourism & Recreation

Life in Israel can be difficult. A six-day work week for many. Mandatory military service. Maintaining a sense of normalcy in a region that has been plagued by wars and terrorism. With parks, forests, historic sites and recreation areas developed by JNF, Israeli citizens can enjoy much needed respite from the pressures of daily life.
As the demand for recreation and tourism sites in the country increases, JNF has been called upon to undertake an even greater role in the development of needed infrastructure, providing its expertise to other public agencies such as the National Parks Authority and the Nature Reserves Authority. In addition, JNF has partnered with the Society for the Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites (SPIHS) to identify, restore, and protect irreplaceable heritage buildings and sites associated with the country’s rebirth for both tourists and citizens to enjoy. Whether it’s the Ayalon Institute, an underground bullet factory used in The War Of Independence, or the museum at Atlit which is dedicated to preserving the story of illegal immigrants to Israel, JNF continues to be at the forefront of the development of vital facilities that boost the economy and improve the quality of life for the people of Israel and its visitors.

JNF also develops forests, parks, and accessible playgrounds, creating hundreds of recreation areas throughout the country. American Independence Park, outside Jerusalem, acknowledges the partnership and shared democratic values of the United States and Israel. These parks attract thousands of visitors every year, providing places for relaxation and inspiration while enhancing local economies.

From the Hula Valley in northern Israel, which hosts hundreds of thousands of migrating birds to Timna National Park’s ancient copper mines and sandstone formations near Eilat, JNF is making its mark on the Jewish homeland for future generations to enjoy.

You can enjoy the many recreational opportunities developed by JNF on your next trip to Israel. JNF Travel & Tours offers a variety of trips including missions, family trips, bar/bat mitzvah, active seniors - even a Queen of Sheba trip for women only! Let JNF bring you home to Israel. For more information, click here. To contact JNF Travel & Tours, email us at, or call (877) JNF - TOUR (563-8687).


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