About Our Event

The Gaza Envelope communities are located in a region that is unlike any other area in Israel. The pioneers who call it home are living their lives on the front lines every day, raising their families often times in harm’s way. In fact, people are sprinting to their bomb shelters in the middle of the night as sirens wake terrified children and sounds of the Iron Dome shooting down missiles of hate echo throughout.


Join us for an important and powerful conversation with our very own Michal Uziyahu about Jewish National Fund's impactful role in the Gaza Envelope communities and how you can support their urgent and critical needs.

Guest Speakers


Barbara K. Burry

JNF Assistant Vice President of Communities & Regions

Barbara K. Burry serves as the Chair of JNF’s Mountain States Board and currently serves as Jewish National Fund’s Assistant Vice President of Communities & Regions. An effective advocate for engaging Zionist women, Ms. Burry spearheaded JNF’s Women for Israel Initiative.


Michal Uziyahu

Head of the Eshkol Community Center

Michal Uziyahu is responsible for the Eshkol region’s community program management and strategic initiatives. Born and raised in the Negev, Uziyahu returned to the region after completing her military service and has worked closely with Jewish National Fund on implementing its Blueprint Negev campaign while working for the Negev Development Authority. From 2011 – 2015, she was the Israeli Emissary to the Jewish community in Denver, CO where she worked to strengthen that community’s connection with Israel.

More Information

Boaz Meir, Executive Director, Mountain States & the Pacific Northwest

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