Reinventing Rosalee: One Woman’s Journey to Resilience

Hosted by the Mid-Atlantic Region
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Sunday, January 31, 2020

1:00 pm ET / 10:00 am PT


Join Jewish National Fund's Women for Israel in a unified experience of resilience honoring life in the face of adversity. Learn about the incredible resilience of a fearless Jewish woman in, “Reinventing Rosalee," an award-winning movie about Rosalee Glass – a Holocaust survivor and an exemplary model of perseverance, courage, and symbol of living life to the fullest. Her daughter, Dr. Lillian Glass, documented Rosalee’s life story with this film, and celebrates her late mother's memory by sharing her story of resolution and transformation. Afterward, hear from Michal Uziyahu, Director of Eshkol Region Community Centers, about the crucial work of a resilience center on the border with Gaza and Egypt.


These complimentary events are part of the Women for Israel: Continuing the Journey series open to all donors who have contributed $360+ to the 2021 Women’s campaign.



A password-protected link to the "Reinventing Rosalee" film will be sent upon registration. Please use this link to watch it prior to the event.


The fair use of copyrighted work, “Reinventing Rosalee", is for viewing purposes only and is not an infringement of copyright. Sharing of the link is prohibited. 

Featured Guest Speakers

Dr. Lilian Glass_300x300_JNFUSA

Dr. Lilian Glass

American Communication and Body Language Expert

Dr. Lillian Glass is often referred to as the “Queen of Communication", a media commentator, author, and award-winning film director and producer. Dr. Glass’ best-selling books include Toxic People; Talk to Win; Say it Right; and He Says, She says. She won multiple awards for her documentary film, “Reinventing Rosalee,” in which she explores the life of her remarkable mother, Rosalee. She is also a jury/litigation consultant, where she helps prepare witnesses for trial. Dr. Glass is currently directing and producing a sequel to “Reinventing Rosalee,” that will highlight their travels to, and connection with, Israel.

Michal Uziyahu

Director of Eshkol Region Community Centers

Michal Uziyahu is the Head of Eshkol Community Center, a community located along Israel’s border with Gaza and Egypt. She is responsible for the region’s community program management and strategic initiatives. Born and raised in the Negev, Uziyahu returned to the region after completing her military service and has worked closely with Jewish National Fund on implementing its Blueprint Negev campaign, while working for the Negev Development Authority. From 2011-2015, she was the Israeli Emissary to the Jewish community in Denver, CO, where she worked to strengthen that community’s connection with Israel.

Event Chair

Phyllis Brown

Chair, Women for Israel


Event Committee

Nanci Seff

President, Board of Directors


Leslie Goldberg

Erika Schon

Deborah Zager

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