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As an integral Women for Israel supporter,  you’re invited to the first in a special series of fun, engaging, and informative virtual meetings that connect Jewish National Fund’s life-enhancing work in Israel with topics relevant to busy women in Arizona. This series aims to bolster a shared love of the Jewish homeland and women’s philanthropic leadership.


Join us on May 7 for a captivating discussion with Naftali Aklum, whose brother’s story is the inspiration for The Red Sea Diving Resort. The film is based on the events of Operation Moses in which Ethiopian Jews were covertly moved from refugee camps in Sudan to Israel during the 1980’s. 


To ensure you have a meaningful experience, we ask that you watch The Red Sea Diving Resort prior to the event; you can view it on Netflix. Click here for the film’s official trailer.


All gifts made through May 31 will be matched up to $1 million.

Guest Speaker


Naftali Aklum

Director of Educational Programs, Branco Weiss institute

Naftali Aklum was born in Ethiopia in 1979, the youngest of 12 siblings. His parents were among the first to make aliyah (immigration to Israel) via Sudan. His brother Ferede, the first Ethiopian Jew to make the journey to Jerusalem via Sudan, wrote a letter requesting assistance to make aliyah, which found its way to Prime Minister Menachem Begin. This set in motion the remarkable secret operation known as “Operation Moses.”

Event Chairs

Judy Bassett & Pam Meyer

More Information

Audrey Lewis, Senior Campaign Executive, Arizona

[email protected] or 480.447.8100 x981