Lauren France


Lauren France is a Partner at the Katz Watson Group, a political fundraising consulting firm. Deeply passionate about growing the next generation of leaders, Lauren served as Chair of the JNFuture National Board from 2013-2017, after serving as a Chair and a founding member of JNFuture’s DC Chapter from 2011-2012. Under Lauren’s leadership, JNFuture expanded to 22 cities, grew to over 800 members and brought over 200 young leaders to Israel on various JNF sponsored trips. She has participated in four JNF missions including the JNFuture Leadership Institute Mission (JLIM) and leading the Jerusalem 50 Young Professional Track. Lauren currently serves as Chair of the JNFuture Board of Trustees, member of MAKOR, Women for Israel Executive Committee and on the Israel Relations Committee.  She is a proud member of the Root Society. She and he husband Nelson, JNF’s Director of Campus and High School Affairs, met at a JNFuture event in 2013 and live in Washington, DC.