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Pinchas Landau is the founder of The Landau Report, a newsletter and consultancy service targeting major financial institutions in both Israel and abroad, advising on domestic and global developments. He was one of Israel’s most prominent economic reporters as the financial correspondent for the Jerusalem Post and as a senior columnist for Globes, has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Barron's, and the Economist, and was awarded the Zerach Barnett prize for outstanding economic journalism. Mr. Landau has written multiple books and professional reports on the Israeli economy and Israeli banking and financial services, including a contribution to Whither Israel?: The Domestic Challenges.


  • Science, Technology & Innovation

  • Israel Economy

  • Middle Eastern Relations

Popular Speeches

Israeli economy and finance:
- Not by high-tech alone: what makes the Israeli economy tick?
- Globalization – blessing or curse? The Israeli case
- Investing in Israel: Opportunities and risks for American investors

Antisemitism and Aliyah:
- 'The same old, the same old': antisemitism, Jewish emigration and aliyah - the historic pattern and why it's happening again in the 21st century.
- The coming wave of aliyah from Europe - sources, prospects and implication

Israeli society and politics:
- Israel as a tribal society: a fresh look at Israeli politics, society and economics
- Orthodoxy and ultra-Orthodoxy in Israel: still in a bull market or a bubble about to burst?
- Can there be a rational explanation for the Israeli political system?

- The struggle for supremacy in the Moslem world: Sunnjis vs Shi'ites and the impact on Israel
- Strange bedfellows - why the Saudis support Israel, and other surprising features of current Middle Eastern politics.

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