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Ido Aharoni is a global distinguished professor at NYU’s School of International Relations and convened the Brand Israel Group, an independent group of marketing and branding specialists tasked with highlighting Israel’s assets and broadening public understanding of the country’s global contributions. He is a career public servant in Israel’s Foreign Ministry, and served as Consul-General of Israel in New York, Senior Advisor to Israel's Foreign Minister and to its Vice Prime Minister in charge of media and public affairs, and was Policy Advisor to the Director-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem. 


  • Science, Technology & Innovation

  • Positively Israel & College Campuses

  • US-Israel Relations

  • Israel Economy

  • Middle Eastern Relations

Popular Speeches

1. How to Market Nations & Cities

We live in a highly competitive environment. The competition takes place between nations and cities. How can a place improve its positioning and uniqueness vis a vis its competition? Ambassador Aharoni is a world-renowned expert in non-product branding and the founder of “Brand Israel."

2. The Information Revolution

Mankind is experiencing one of the most dramatic revolutions in its history. The exposure to information, its volume and easy accessibility are all unprecedented. What is the true impact of the information revolution on our lives, consumption patterns and perception?

3. Diplomacy Disrupted

The core practice of career-diplomacy is perhaps the most disrupted field but scarcely researched. Ambassador Aharoni, a 25-year veteran of Israel’s Foreign Service, explores the dramatic changes diplomacy and policy-making have undergone as a result of the technological revolution.

4. The Future of the Middle East

What started seven years ago as a big promise for a more pluralistic and democratic middle east quickly turned into a regional wave of instability, unprecedented violence and national disintegration. What can we expect of this volatile region in years to come?

5. Israel the “Can-Do Nation”

Israel represents a unique cultural, social and economic phenomenon; a nation of problem-solvers that gave the world some of its most exciting solutions and inspirations. In this presentation, Ambassador Aharoni explores the unique characteristics that turn Israel into the “Can-Do Nation.”

6. The Anti-Israel Movement: Threats

& Opportunities

What are the origins of the anti-Israel movement on campus? What are its long-term goals and how can people who truly care about democracy be concerned with it. Ambassador Aharoni, who has lectured in over 100 universities in North America, proposes a solution to the problem.

7. Brand Israel

Ambassador Aharoni is known for introducing marketing tools to the practice of diplomacy. Looking at places as brands was part of this innovative approach. In this lecture Ambassador Aharoni will take you through the various stages of the process that improved Israel’s positioning in the world.

8. Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations

Ambassador Aharoni, who served as a member of Israel’s team to the negotiations with the Palestinians in 1993-1994, provides an overview of the peace talks from their early beginnings to today.

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