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Members of the Lawyers for Israel Society of Jewish National Fund know what it means to work hard to help others, tackle new challenges, and achieve positive results. An annual contribution of $1,000 or more allows you join this exclusive group of American legal professionals. You'll also be eligible for a listing in our Referral Directory to find like-minded attorneys, receive referrals, and expand your network.



Inclusion in comprehensive, searchable database and referral network

Connect with like-minded professionals and network with influential colleagues.

Participate in national webinars with briefings by top speakers from the U.S. and Israel addressing topical legal issues.

Be recognized for your support of Israel on the Jewish National Fund Website where you can share your achievements with your colleagues.

Find opportunities for leadership positions.

Stay informed about JNF’s work in Israel.

Join future missions to Israel geared specifically towards the legal profession, including opportunities to meet your Israeli counterparts at their firms, meet with key policy makers at the Knesset and Supreme Court, and participate in tailored continuing education legal seminars.

Join other Legal Professionals. Support Israel & make a difference.

For more information, contact Jessica Milstein at [email protected].

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Charles Salfeld

General Practice, Landlord Tenant Law, Real Estate Law
New York, NY

David Chudnow

General Practice
Los Angeles, CA

Jacob Weichholf

General Practice
New York, NY

Johnathan Lerner

General Practice, Insurance Law
New York, NY

Mark S. Cohen

General Practice
Long Island, NY

Paul Hanau

General Practice, Real Estate Law
New York, NY

Robert M. Wigoda

Business Law, General Practice
Chicago, IL

Steven Legum

General Practice
Long Island, NY

Steven Wildstein

General Practice
Long Island, NY