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The time has come to show the world what Zionism looks like. 


Join Jewish National Fund-USA for a series of interviews and panel discussions that are exposing the beautiful and diverse facets of modern Zionism, and its positive impact on many aspects of our lives, no matter where we are on the globe. 


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Episode 31: Do Titles Matter? Should They?

Thursday, October 13, 2022

7:30 pm (ET) / 4:30 pm (PT)


Matthew Nouriel is tired of people stereotyping they/them/theirs or assuming they can’t be all the things they are. “Zionism Is not just one color,” they/them/theirs says firmly and proudly. Tune in to hear about they/them/theirs journey as a non-binary, queer, Mizrahi Jew, where it has led, and what they/them/theirs learned along the way.


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Matthew Nouriel

aka Empress Mizrahi


Matthew Nouriel, aka The Empress Mizrahi, is a non-binary digital activist and content creator of Iranian Jewish descent living in Los Angeles. In recent years, Matthew has been using their voice to passionately advocate and fight for the causes they believe in - namely LGBTQ+ rights, equality within the Iranian and Jewish communities, and combating antisemitism - using social media as a means to reach those who relate to their perspective and lived experiences. In 2021 they were the recipient of the TrailBlazer Award at the JQ International annual Impact Awards.


Russell F. Robinson

Chief Executive Officer, Jewish National Fund-USA


Jewish National Fund-USA Chief Executive Officer Russell Robinson has made JNF-USA one of the top-rated charities in the United States, and the leading organization for the land and people of Israel. He works tirelessly to ensure the organization’s vision and philanthropic investment is more relevant and meaningful today than ever before.

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Reclaim The Narrative

This series is part of our “This is What Zionism Looks Like” campaign. Join us as we educate, engage, and inspire on the true meaning of the word Zionism, make people feel comfortable with it, identify with it, and reclaim it in all its glory.


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