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Ido Eisikovits

Green Horizons Liaison

Travels from Israel

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Environmental and Sustainability Issues, JNF's Work in Israel, Anti-Terrorism and Security, Positively Israel


Ido was born in 1979 and grew up in Rehovot, Israel. As a child, he played  tennis in a local club, excelling after a short time and joined the Israeli tennis national youth team.

In 1998 Ido enlisted to the IDF and volunteered for a combat infantry unit, serving in various command positions from paramedic to company commander in Givati. He served as a deputy company commander in Gaza. After his commander and close friend was killed in front of his eyes during an encounter with a terrorist on one of the roads leading to Gush Katif, he was asked to take command of the company. After completing his military service, he was assigned as a special unit company commander in reserve duty and took part in the Second Lebanon War and various operations in Gaza. Today, he is a Major in the IDF reserve.  

Ido studied Business Management at Ruppin College and was elected chairman of the student union of the college. A year later he became Vice Chairman of National Union of Israeli Students, an umbrella organization uniting 40 student unions from different colleges from across the country.

In 2009 Ido was sent by the Ministry of Defense to Peru as a military advisor in charge of mentoring and training high ranking officers in the Peru military. Upon his return, he was appointed CEO of Alhon Holdings, the Economic Corporation of the National Union of Israeli Students (NUIS). The company specializes in selling advertising space in the various academic campuses across the country.  He was with Alhon for five years, after which he joined Green Horizons as the JNF liaison.

 He is thrilled to be at a place that stands for values of Zionism, fellowship, excellence and leadership, educating thousands of children in a youth organization from which the future leaders of the State of Israel will emerge. He quotes the vision of Janusz Kortzak: "Those who cares for day sows wheat, those who cares for years plant trees and those who cares for generations invest in educating people"

Ido lives in Kfar Saba in the center of Israel with his wife Osnat, daughter Ella and a Labrador named Barca. 

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