A Convenient and Easy Way to Manage your Charitable Giving





Jewish National Fund's Donor Advised Fund is a smart way to manage your philanthropy. It is a personal fund through which you can grow your assets tax-free, and pass on your philanthropic values. You choose how to invest your fund amongst six investment pools that are selected and professionally managed. 


For a minimum of $10,000 - cash, appreciated assets, or both - a Donor Advised Fund allows your money to be invested, and as it grows you don't pay any taxes. Jewish National Fund does everything for a very small administrative fee. A portion of each fund must be earmarked for JNF's work, ensuring your legacy in the land of Israel.


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Giving Made Simple

Call Jewish National Fund's Planned Giving department at 800.562.7526 or manage a Donor Advised Fund account online 24 / 7

Giving Made Flexible

Make grants to as many organizations as you like, as often as you like.

Giving Made Personal

Tax benefits and low administrative fees mean more dollars go to the causes you care about. 

Contact us at or 800.562.7526.