Jewish National Fund Women for Israel is a dynamic group of female philanthropists who share a passion for building a prosperous future for the land and people of Israel. With nearly 60,000 donors, we account for approximately 25% of JNF's total giving, contributing $30 million to date. 


It was Jewish National Fund women who raised the dollars to build the town of Zuqim, deep in the Negev Desert, spearheading Jewish National Fund's Blueprint Negev initiative in 2000. With determination and generosity, from a parcel of sand, these visionary women built a town that 400 people now call home. This it he power of JNF women. We change lives.


For more information, please contact Jessica Milstein at [email protected].


Levels of Membership


Five levels of membership offer access to exclusive benefits, educational events, and cultural activities, while connecting members to the land and people of Israel.

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Women's Alliance

Women's Alliance - Women In Philanthropy
Join the Women’s Alliance with an annual minimum gift of $360. Women's Alliance members enjoy insider briefings on Israel, educational seminars, and recreational and cultural activities ranging from cooking events to evenings with journalists and authors. 

Chai Society


Join the Chai Society with an annual minimum gift of $1,800. Chai Society members receive a beautiful pendant in the shape of the State of Israel, designed and handmade by an Israeli artist. Other benefits include all of the benefits afforded to alliance members, plus high level briefings with Israeli dignitaries, exclusive calls and webinars with key women leaders from Israel and the U.S., The Robinson Report, exclusive access to Women for Israel Society Level events, and VIP treatment on JNF's Queen of Sheba Women for Israel Tour. 

Sapphire Society

Join the Sapphire Society - JNF's Major Donor division for women - with an annual minimum gift of $5,000. Sapphire Society members receive a beautiful 14-karat gold pin with a sapphire. With every additional annual gift of $5,000, a diamond is added to the pin, eventually totaling 18 diamonds. Other benefits include all of the benefits afforded to Chai Society members, plus: permanent recognition in Israel on the Sapphire Society Wall at American Independence Park, exclusive access to Major Donor events and receptions, and Sapphire-only luncheons, special JNF missions to Israel with travel incentives, and VIP status when traveling to Israel. 

Circle of Sapphire

Join the Circle of Sapphire Society with a minimum gift of $100,000 (which can be paid over time). All 18 diamonds will be set in your Sapphire pin. You will also receive a gold chain enhanced with four sapphires at the time of your pledge. Other benefits include all of the benefits afforded to Sapphire Society members. 

Circle of Sapphire Plus

Women for Israel - JNF Women In Philanthropy
After achieving Circle of Sapphire status, you can become part of Circle of Sapphire Plus with a minimum commitment of $200,000. You will receive a beautiful gold chain enhanced with six emeralds. Other benefits will include all of the benefits afforded to Circle of Sapphire members. 

JNF Professionals



Beth Gluck 212.879.9300 x851 | [email protected]


Reagan Weil 212. 879.9300 x947 | [email protected]

Stuart Diamant-Cohen 212.879.9300 x841 | [email protected]

Dar Nadler 212. 879.9300 x816 | [email protected]
Broward County:

Roni Raab 212.879.9300 x883 | [email protected]

Capital Region:

Rina Wagman 617.423.0999 x812 | [email protected]

Central New Jersey:

Celine Leeds 212.879.9300 x820 | [email protected] 

Marlene Dodinval 212.879.9300 x766 | [email protected]


Nina Perlove 212.879.9300 x781 | [email protected]


Mindy Feigenbaum 212.879.9300x790 | [email protected]


Ellie Adelman 212.879.9300 x945 | [email protected]


Melissa Asarch 212.879.9300 x978 | [email protected]


Samantha van Adelsberg 212.879.9300 x863 | [email protected]
Las Vegas: 

Deb Rochford 212.879.9300 x980 | [email protected]
Los Angeles:

Lisa Shaoul 212.879.9300 x960 | [email protected]


Mike Teichberg 212.879.9300 x897 | [email protected]

North Palm Beach: 

Laura Sherry 212.879.9300 x881 [email protected]

Northern NJ:

Jacqueline Yehudiel 212.879.9300 x823 [email protected]

Orange County, CA:

Lisa Grier 212.879.9300 x986 [email protected]


Uri Smajovits 212.879.9300 x890 [email protected]


Deb Rochford 212.879.9300 x980 [email protected]

San Diego:

Monica Edelman 212.879.9300 x988 | [email protected]


Uri Smajovits 212.879.9300 x890 | [email protected]

Small Communities:

Sam Richardson 212.879.9300 x855 [email protected]

South Palm Beach: 

Lee Lebovich 212.879.9300 x882 [email protected]

Southern New Jersey:

Brandon Cohen 212.879.9300 x862 | [email protected]


Uri Smajovits 212.879.9300 x890 | [email protected]


Ashley Emrani: 212.879.9300 x501 | [email protected]


Adam Tennen 212.879.9300 x841 [email protected]

Washington, D.C.:  

Adam Tennen 212.879.9300 x841 [email protected]


Don't see your city listed?

Contact Melissa Asarch Wittenbergat [email protected]

to start a chapter today!

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