Our Work to Support the Land and People of Israel

7 key strategic areas to strengthen the future and Support Israel

With Love

Today’s Jewish National Fund-USA is still planting seeds & investing for the long term - literally and metaphorically. In the aftermath of the October 7 attacks, our resolve to support the land and people of Israel and strengthen the Jewish future through our 7 key strategic areas is even stronger than ever. See where your donation to Israel goes!
Community Building In The Galilee And Negev to Support Israel

Community Building

Today, as Israelis continue to crowd Central Israel, we see an opportunity to develop the full potential of the Galilee and Negev as rich centers of agriculture, tourism, and technology. That’s why population growth and regional economic development form the backbone of our Go North and Blueprint Negev strategies.
Support For Israel by Creating Water Solutions & Strengthen Israel’s Water Economy

Water Solutions

Jewish National Fund-USA's work with water has increased Israel’s water economy by over 15% through the treatment, recycling, and collection of both waste and runoff water, responsible aquifer drilling, and river rehabilitation. The results are impressive, but our work is not over. 
Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites

Heritage Site Preservation

Heritage sites are a powerful connection to Israel’s past and a touchstone to our collective future. Jewish National Fund-USA is committed to safeguarding Israel's past, ensuring its present, and securing its future through the continued development and preservation of heritage sites and historical landmarks across Israel. 
Regional agriculture and research development stations in the Negev and Galilee, all for supporting Israel

Research & Development

JNF-USA is a leader in researching and developing cutting-edge technology, placing Israel at the forefront of exceeding global challenges. We sponsor ground-breaking research initiatives, enabling Israel’s brightest scientists to work closely with local farmers, research institutions, and universities to increase the agricultural economy.
Forestry & Green Innovations

Forestry & Green Innovations

Simply put, our work planting trees and developing green spaces has made Israel an environmental powerhouse. Now, as innovators in ecological development and pioneers in afforestation and fire prevention, we continue to strengthen ties between the land and the people of Israel.
Offering Americans more ways to learn about Israel

Education & Advocacy

As the largest provider of Israel education programs in the United States, we offer ways to learn about Israel. From kindergarten through to adulthood, from b’nai mitzvah projects to trips for college students, we engage, educate and help students – and the broader community – foster a greater commitment and love for the land of Israel. 
Providing services for people with disabilities and special needs

Disabilities & Special Needs

We believe passionately that the inclusion of people with special needs should be woven tightly into the fabric of everyday life. JNF-USA provides cutting-edge rehabilitative services, special education and medical care and ensures that Israel remains accessible to people of all abilities.