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Blueprint Negev

JNF's major initiative to revitalize Israel's southern region is called Blueprint Negev. The Negev Desert represents 60% of Israel’s landmass but is home to just 8% of the population. Blueprint Negev is a multifaceted, internationally recognized campaign to improve quality of life for all residents of the region and encourage a population shift away from crowded, expensive central Israel.The blueprint includes community development, housing, employment, environmental sustainability, agricultural research and development, water treatment, restoration and catchment, tourism and recreation, education and security.

JNF and its partners presented this plan at the Herzliya Conference in 2003. Since then, visible progress is being made on the ground every day. Read the latest JNF Blueprint Negev campaign update to see the work that has been done to date. JNF is your voice in Israel. See our vital work on your next visit to Israel and make your voice heard.

Featured project: Be’er Sheva River Park

Sixty years ago, this town had a mere 2,500 residents — a number many people thought would eventually dwindle away. But today, the town is a thriving metropolitan city of almost 200,000 people. JNF is playing a major part in further strengthening this city through the creation of Be’er Sheva River Park; an extensive water, environment and economic development project that will transform the region. Learn more...

Developing New Communities

With overpopulation and high prices in Israel’s central region, young families, young people completing their military service, and retirees are finding it more difficult to find housing. The Negev can play a crucial role in keeping Israelis from leaving the country to find an affordable lifestyle. To learn how JNF and its partners are creating attractive alternatives for these populations in Israel’s southern region, click here.

Strengthening Existing Communities

JNF is committed to improving the lives of the residents of often forgotten communities by building parks, youth centers, contributing to employment opportunities and supporting partners throughout the region. Learn more...

Working with Bedouin Communities

The work of JNF benefits all Israelis. Blueprint Negev looks to bring real change to the lives of the residents of the Negev, including the 160,000 Bedouin, most of who suffer from high unemployment and low levels of education. Learn more about JNF projects in the Bedouin community.

Timna Park

JNF, with the generosity of Avrum Chudnow z”l and his family, has created a must-see tourist attraction in the southern Negev, outside of Eilat. What today is Timna Valley National Park was the oldest center of copper production in the ancient world. Visitors can experience the rich past of this ancient site. Or enjoy the many recreational offerings including biking, hiking through the magnificent natural sandstone structures, paddle boating and camping. Learn more



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