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Developing New Communities

 JNF and its partners, including KKL and the OR Movement, have created new communities, most of which are satellites of existing Negev cities. These new communities offer quality living for young Israelis and olim, and support the economic basis of the region.


  • Sansana, a religious community located in the northeast Negev, was established in 1999, has 58 families, a synagogue, playground, amphitheater and a promenade. It will soon be home to 300 families. The community hopes to build a day care center and kindergarten.
  • Carmit, the largest planned community with a neighborhood planned for North American olim, and Casif, a community for the ultra-Orthodox, will break ground soon, in the northeast region. Funds are needed for a community center/education complex, a central park, and playgrounds.
  • Be’er Milka, an agricultural community on the border with Egypt, broke ground in 2006. It is now home to 20 families who enjoy a public park and a playground. It will grow to 100 families. Funds are needed for infrastructure for housing and irrigation for crops.
  • Giv’ot Bar, 10 minutes outside of Be’er Sheva, was established in 2004. It boasts 44 families in permanent homes, with a wait list of 200 families. JNF has completed a synagogue, community entranceway and day care center. A central park is in the final planning stage and the community has plans to grow to 500 families.
  • Haruv, on the border with the West Bank, was established in 2005. It is home to 30 families, still living in temporary homes, with plans to grow to 250 families. Funds are needed for infrastructure for housing and an entranceway.
  • Merchav Am, a religious community situated between Be’er Sheva and Mitzpe Ramon, was established in 2002. Forty young families currently reside there in temporary homes, with plans to grow to 500. They are enjoying a finished playground, day care center and synagogue, but need funds for a community center, park and infrastructure for housing.
  • Naveh and B’nai Netzarim are agricultural communities in the Halutza Sands created to help Gaza evacuees to move as communities and rebuild their lives. Hothouses have been built and families are hoping to move into permanent homes soon.

Get involved and Donate to Developing New Communities. For naming opportunities call your local office at 888-JNF-0099.


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