JNFuture Israel

In cooperation with The Am Yisrael Foundation JNF is proud to announce the creation of JNFuture Israel supporting and funding multiple initiatives that empower modern pioneering among Jewish young adults throughout Israeli society. JNFuture Israel, a countrywide next generation young leadership initiative, promotes a culture of volunteerism, tzedakah, Jewish education, civic engagement, and the building of vibrant young communities to positively build up our People. JNFuture Israel gives young professionals a fresh approach to Zionist action and the land through monthly day trips, demonstrations, and lectures highlighting JNF's work across the country.

Trips to date have included a day up north, one in the Negev Desert, a Tu Bishvat party, and much more.

To get involved, contact Jay@AmYisraelFoundation.org +972-54-233-6663.