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JNF Parsons Water Fund

The JNF Parsons Water Fund

Over the previous three decades, Jewish National Fund (JNF) has worked to help alleviate Israel’s past chronic water shortage, primarily through the construction of recycled water reservoirs that have increased the water supply by 12%. The JNF Parsons Water Fund was established to expand upon this vital work.

The Fund supports initiatives that address issues of water quality, and trans-boundary challenges, with a focus on recycling, developing alternative water sources, education, stream and aquifer restoration, and research. One of its unique approaches is to operate largely as a revolving fund, lending capital for water projects and using repayments for future investments. In addition, the Fund identifies projects where its philanthropic contributions can leverage the invested sum by drawing matching funds from public sources. Read more about the Fund's water projects.

The JNF Parsons Water Fund is overseen by a 29-member board of directors, each of whom has contributed a minimum of $100,000. Working with Israeli water and environmental authorities, Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael, water associations, education and research institutions, and other entities, the board is responsible for managing the selection of projects and overseeing implementation.

The Fund is named for the late Natan Parsons z”l of Boston, an inventor with over 100 worldwide patents, served as JNF’s vice president for water projects and spearheaded the initiative before he passed away.

Laureine Greenbaum

Dr. Mort Mower
National Director

Talia Tzour, JNF-KKL Chief Emissary
National Director

Jerry Berko
Ed Blank
Bruce Cohen
Greg Cohen
Lou Cohen
Steven Crystal
Marjorie Federbush
Franklin M. Fisher
Bob Friedland
Harold L. Kaplan
Andrew Klein
Jeffrey Klein
Michael G. Lederman
Alan Levenson
Bill Miller
Leonard Miller
Toby Mower
Amy Parsons
Todd Patkin
Marvin Rosenberg
Howard Rosenbloom
Andrew Rubenstein
William Rubenstein
Rob Rubin
Geri Shatz
Evelyn Spritz
David Sterling

For more information, contact Talia Tzour at or 212.879.9305 x241.

Get involved and Donate to JNF Parsons Water Fund. For naming opportunities call your local office at 888-JNF-0099.


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