The mission was a magnificent experience. Overall, we came away feeling the spirit and love of the Israelis' for the land. We saw how well the land is utilized and how technology is ingeniously used for water recycling. The bullet factory and IDF Air Force Base were highlights...We also came away with a deeper understanding of the courage and commitment of Israelis - past and present - to building and preserving a vibrant Jewish homeland. This was so much a part of what we learned, for example, at the Palmach Museum, Ammunition Hill, Atlit Illegal Immigration Camp and Tel Chai...  -  Joe and Roberta Klein (L'dor V'dor Experience Mission, February 2012)

This was our first time on the President's [Society] Mission...The leaders were wonderful and extended themselves to make us feel very comfortable...the tour guides were fabulous.... thank you to everyone involved.  -  Helene and Alan Blumenfeld (President's Society Mission, November 2011)

The mission was an awesome experience as were all of the people connected with it.   -  Phyllis Pullman (Sounds of Israel Mission, April 2012)

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Reservoir Routes: Wet winter walks-Chilly, wet hiking routes are usually a hit in the summer season. Yet winter has its own sights and colors that make water no less appealing than in the summer. You don’t have to dip in: it is simply enough to gaze at the profusion of water, the myriad blue hues and the waterfowl migrating at this time of year to intensify the experience. The rains fill up the water reservoirs, which look like pastoral lakes; the springs gush in strong currents and the waterfalls storm down in torrents. There are very wet trip routes starting in the Beit Shean Valley and along the reservoir and waterfall routes in the Golan Heights. Read more- JPost.com


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