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Gaza Evacuees: A New Chapter in the Negev

JNF has partnered with the 21st century pioneers of the Halutza region as they transform the desert into viable, vibrant communities.  

Located in a remote corner of the northwest Negev, Halutza was founded in 2005 by a group of people evacuated from their homes during Israel's disengagement from Gaza.  These uprooted families decided to rebuild their lives in an area of the desert that had never been inhabited or farmed, and immediately assumed the challenge of making its barren sands flourish.

The beautiful new homes, acres of fields filled with organic crops, and numerous buildings under construction belie the fact that Halutza was nothing but sand dunes just a short time ago. More than 100 families are already living in their newly constructed houses in Halutza’s first two towns, Naveh and Bnei Netzarim, and a group of 30 families will soon move into temporary homes in a third town, Shlomit, with permanent construction beginning there in twelve months.

JNF has supported Halutza’s growth from the beginning by clearing land for housing and farming, purchasing temporary prefabricated homes, laying basic infrastructure, and paving roads. As the region grows, we are helping residents to re-establish their social and educational institutions, construct public buildings, and create beautiful green spaces.

Get involved and Donate to Gaza Evacuees: A New Chapter in the Negev. For naming opportunities call your local office at 888-JNF-0099.


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