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Acts of terror and violence have had a devastating impact on Israel. Children killed on their way to school, parents wounded heading to work, and countless lives forever shattered by these horrific events. In times of crisis, we all feel helpless. But there is something you can do to help. Through your generosity, JNF will continue its life-saving work in Israel. Donate to JNF's vital security projects today to send a message to all Israelis that they do not stand alone.

Travel Without Fear

Taking a child to school, driving to the office, going to the market - all activities you probably take for granted. Along Israel's northern border however, these every day acts mean risking exposure to sniper gunfire. That's why JNF has constructed security roads out of view of the Lebanese border, shielding travelers from those who would do them harm. A paved security road is expensive, up to $1.5 million per mile, but well worth the cost if even one life is saved. Please help JNF continue to make travel safer for all Israeli citizens.

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Operation Security Blanket: Southern Israel

In response to the ongoing rocket attacks that have plagued southern Israel and the IDF’s incursion into Gaza, Jewish National Fund has created Operation Security Blanket: Southern Israel, an emergency campaign empowering American Jews to provide immediate relief for Israeli children and their families living in areas under rocket attack along the Gaza border.

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Fire Trucks

JNF battles approximately 1,000 forest fires every year during the five fire-prone months. Although half are caused by negligence, the others are attributable to arson and hostile actions. With a commitment to research, equipment and training, JNF is making demonstrable progress in minimizing loss.

After 10,000 acres of hand-planted forest were destroyed by Katyusha rockets in the summer of 2006, JNF launched Operation Northern Renewal to help replant and replace the topsoil that was burned away. JNF donors also answered the call to replace Israel’s aging fleet of fire trucks with new, compact trucks that can more easily maneuver in forests or city streets. Many more are needed. Find out more about purchasing a fire truck for a community in Israel by calling your local JNF office at 1-888-JNF-0099. 

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JNF For IDF: Improvements in Military Installations

The Israel Defense Force is among the most courageous and most disciplined in the world. Young Israeli men and women serve up to three years of mandatory military service. Their heroic determination to protect our homeland and the children of Israel is legendary. But lest we forget, these soldiers are merely children themselves. And unlike their American counterparts, whose first experience away from home is often the joy of going to college, Israel high school graduates enter the army - service fraught with loneliness and fear.

That is why JNF creates comfortable facilities where these worthy young heroes can gather with family and friends on those precious occasions when they can meet. Please make a contribution to JNF today, so these brave soldiers can enjoy pleasant moments with loved ones while serving their country.

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