Meet JNF-USA’s New Dream Israel Manager, Zoë Carvel

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Zoe Carvel

Zoe Carvel


Zoë Carvel grew up in Memphis, TN and graduated from the University of Southern California. Carvel’s career took-off when she started working in the entertainment industry at United Talent Agency. However, after attending AIPAC’s Policy Conference in DC, she re-discovered her strong passion for Israel advocacy and decided to pursue a career in the Israel space. Following her time at AIPAC, Carvel recently became Jewish National Fund-USA’s new Dream Israel Teen Travel Initiative Manager, where she is looking forward to helping teens throughout the U.S. establish lifelong connections to the land and people of Israel, and Jewish people everywhere.


We recently sat down with Zoë to learn more about her new role and why she’s excited to connect Jewish teens to Israel.


So, what’s your connection to Israel?

It’s something I just feel in my soul. I’ve always been incredibly proud to be Jewish. The values, the contributions our people have made to society, our history, our story of hope and resilience despite constant adversity – it’s awe-inspiring. The land of Israel is central to the Jewish people’s story. It’s our ancestral homeland, it’s essential for the Jewish future, and I feel a responsibility to support it however I can.


What has been your experience in the “Jewish world?”

Growing up in Memphis, I was always active in the Jewish community. I attended Sunday School, co-founded a BBYO chapter, attended Jewish summer camp, etc. Professionally, I worked at AIPAC for two years before joining JNF-USA. It was there, through talking to donors, that I realized the critical need for more significant engagement in Zionist education among young Jews.


Why are you so excited about managing JNF-USA’s Dream Israel teen travel initiative?

It’s exciting to be spearheading an initiative that will have an impact on the future of Jewish life and the Jewish State. Dream Israel is not only providing Jewish teens the opportunity to have a life-changing study abroad experience before college, but it’s also strengthening the next generation’s connection to Zionism, Jewish identity, and commitment to Israel. There’s never been a more important time for Dream Israel than now and I’m looking forward to helping the initiative grow!


How can students receive a grant to put towards their study abroad program?

Students can earn up to $7,500 towards several long-term study abroad programs that are facilitated by Ramah TRY, Heller High, and JNF-USA, by fundraising for a JNF-USA philanthropic project in Israel. By incorporating a fundraising component, we’re instilling in young Jews the value of tzedakah (charity) and making their investment in the land and people of Israel that much more meaningful.


What is your advice to someone who’s considering a long-term program in Israel?

Go! It looks great on college applications and more importantly, you’ll have the best experience of your life.


For more information about JNF-USA’s Dream Israel Teen Travel Initiative, visit or contact Zoë Carvel at or call 212.879.9305 x935

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