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Owen Elliot-Kugell

Owen Elliot-Kugell


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Owen Elliot-Kugell is the only daughter of the legendary “Mama” Cass Elliot from The Mamas and the Papas. A singer in her own right, Owen has performed with Wilson Phillip sand spends her life is dedicated to protecting and growing her mother’s legacy.  Part of “Mama” Cass’ story that Owen is focused on telling now is that in addition to fighting for women’s rights, and body acceptance, Cass also advocated for her people. She was a proud Jew with strong connections to Israel. She never hid her Jewish upbringing, embraced her heritage, and fought for what she believed in while delivering some of the most unforgettable vocal performances of the 20th century. In her talks, she talks about everything that her mother, a beloved icon, bestowed on to her, and how she is using that to help continue her mother’s efforts by sharing her story. 


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