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Ziv Horwitz Zusman

Presidential Advisor


Ziv Horwitz Zusman has been honored to serve as (the youngest ever) Presidential Advisor on JNF USA’s National Board of Directors. He previously served on JNF's Board of Trustees as an Observer.

Ziv is a 9th grader at Midtown International School (a globally-minded school for gifted learners). When he was 11 years old, Ziv founded JNF’s Sababa Society - a new JNF society specifically for teens and tweens. 

Chosen to be one of 6 JNF Heroes at the National conference in 2017, Ziv had the privilege of being part of a keynote session, addressing a crowd of 1,200 people.

Most recently, Ziv was selected to be an inaugural Sababa Fellow, and is immensely excited to attend JNF’s Roots Service Learning Adventure trip in Israel in summer of 2020.