Jeffrey Schwartz

National Housing Development Fund Chair


Jeff (Penn Valley, PA) is the owner of JS Homes, a residential homebuilding company, which has built over 3,000 single-family homes in Delaware during the last 35 years. He is founder and past President of the Philadelphia Holocaust Remembrance Foundation, which is expanding the Holocaust Memorial on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Jeff is the Chairman of JNF’s Housing Development Fund, a venture-philanthropy initiative with the goal of raising $25 million to develop community infrastructure for new or expanding communities throughout Israel. He is involved on the executive committee of JNF’s Philadelphia Region and is a member of the Negev Society and Century Council. Jeff founded and chairs the Philadelphia Jewish Men’s Assembly; a local group of 50 plus Jewish leaders who mentor other men in the community. The Assembly gives leaders of all area Jewish organizations the ability to share their successes and frustrations.