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Benjamin Anthony

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Sergeant Benjamin Anthony is a former IDF heavy machine gunner and the founder and director of Our Soldiers Speak, a nonprofit organization aimed at educating the world about what really happens on the front lines of battle. He has travelled to over 380 university campuses across several continents to speak about sensationalism in the world of military reporting and explain how Israel can succeed in winning the battle of public opinion. Sgt. Anthony speaks annually on Capitol Hill and arranges for senior IDF officers to brief members of Congress and their staffers.


  • Positively Israel & College Campuses

  • US-Israel Relations

  • Sustainability

Popular Speeches

"Israel's sons become brothers in arms - a ten minute transformation under fire." This is a human look at the mental and physical transformation that recent high school graduates must undergo in order to prepare themselves for battle. It reflects upon Benjamin's time as a front line combat soldier in the IDF and what he witnessed therein.

"From the front lines of combat to the campus battles of North America - A Journey". This speech focuses on the challenges that Benjamin has experienced in the field as a combat soldier and witnessed first hand. He then compares and contrasts the military challenges to the diplomatic challenges which Israel faces, particularly on the college campuses of the US. Benjamin draws on his experience speaking at close to 300 university campuses across several continents in order to distill down some of the greatest challenges that Israel may face if they do not succeed in winning the battle of public opinion.

"Israel - The Cultural Kippah". This talk analyses Israeli and diaspora Jewry's attitude toward the state of Israel and discusses what might be behind the desire of many Jewish communities to rid themselves of the story of Israel at all costs, including financial, political, geographical sacrifice etc.

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