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Shoula Romano Horing

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Shoula Horing is a political commentator and writer who has been a national speaker for the Jewish federation system and for JNF on the Blueprint Christians for Israel Journal project. She is host of the “Oh Jerusalem” radio show, interviewing esteemed guests such as Prime Ministers Yitzchak Shamir and Ehud Olmert, the former Egyptian ambassador to Israel, and former U.S. Senators Kit Bond and Trent Lott. She has participated in various fundraisers for JNF’s summer camps in northern Israel and for the southern city of Sderot, to help Israeli children who live under the threat of rocket attacks.


  • Arts & Culture

  • US-Israel Relations

  • Middle Eastern Relations

Popular Speeches

Understanding Bibi Netanyahu and his popularity in Israel; 
Understanding the Middle East - threats & opportunities  for Israel.
Is there a chance  for peace between Israel and the Palestinians ?
Is Trump the most pro-Israel president ?
Childhood Memories from a divided Jerusalem; 
Truth about the Jewish settlements ;
Truth about the Israel-Gaza wars; 
From Truman to Trump- presidential policies regarding  Israel  ;
My family's  journey to Israel through Yemen,  Ethiopia, Spain, Italy, Danzig,the Ottoman Empire , Syria  & Lebanon
Antisemitism in Western liberal Europe and the future of its Jewry 

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