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Chloe Valdary

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After spending a year as a Bartley fellow at the Wall St Journal, Chloe Valdary was a brand ambassador for Jerusalem U. She lectured in communities around the world on Israeli society, conflict resolution, interpersonal growth, and reconciliation in previously polarized spaces. Now, Chloé is taking her innovative theory of change, the ‘Theory of Enchantment’ from the non-profit sector to the corporate world. Combining the psychology of persuasion with profound insights from household names in pop culture, Chloé’s ‘Theory of Enchantment’ is a philosophy that can help change agents and corporate leaders navigate an increasingly polarized world and help untap human potential along the way. Over the past two years, Chloé has toured the world and lectured at several universities, including Harvard, Georgetown, and Columbia. She has also published op-eds in the New York Times, Atlantic Magazine, the Wall Street Journal and Commentary Magazine. 


  • Middle Eastern Relations

  • Positively Israel & College Campuses

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