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Avi Melamed

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Avi Melamed is a strategic intelligence analyst and the Founder and CEO of Inside the Middle East: Intelligence Perspectives (ITME), an organization providing apolitical non-partisan education about the contemporary Middle East using Intelligence Methodology to teach critical thinking and media literacy. Melamed is a former Israeli intelligence official and senior official on Arab affairs and has held government, counterterrorism, intelligence, and senior advisory positions while operating in Arab cities and communities on behalf of the Israel’s government. His writings have been published widely and his newest book, Inside the Middle East: Making Sense of the Most Dangerous and Complicated Region on Earth is a “GPS” to help navigate the dramatically changing Middle East.


  • Israel Economy

  • US-Israel Relations

  • Middle Eastern Relations

Popular Speeches

Israeli Society in the Era of Lunatic Reality
Democracy and Terror
The Jerusalem Conflict: Perspectives from Behind the Scenes
Islam is the Solution: From the Streets of Gaza to the Caves of Afghanistan
Israel and the Middle East: A Geo-political Perspective
Geo-strategic analysis of the Middle East (including Iran and Central Asia)
Updates and Perspectives on The Israeli - Palestinian conflict
Fundamental Islam (Hammas, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad)
The Educator's Role in Forming the Future of Israel and the Future Leadership in Israel
Israel's Inner Challenges

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