Steve Crystal


Steve Crystal (Reno, NV) has been Independent Director of Village Super Market Inc., since 2001. He owns and manages five auto parts stores in California and northern Nevada and is the Regional Distributor for AC Delco. Steven also owns multi-line motorcycle dealerships in Reno, NV and Salt Lake City, UT, and a 65,000 sq. ft. Ace Hardware and Furniture store in northern Nevada. Since 1980, Steven has been a member of The New York Commodity Exchange and The New York Mercantile Exchange, and he actively trades commodities off the floor. Between 2005 and 2008, as commodity trading advisor and a commodity pool operator, he managed a hedge fund — Crystal Investment Partners, L.P. — registered with the National Futures Association. Steven is a member of the JNF National Water Task Force and of the JNF Board in San Francisco and a member of the King Solomon Society and the World Chairman’s Council.