A Passover Message from AMHSI-JNF


The Passover Seder is an order of things; Seder literally means Order.  Passover provides us with an order, a framework through which we are to experience Exodus – redemption.  Through these experiences we remember and maintain continuity; we never forget.



Now, We Need Your Help



Today, our order has been disrupted but one thing holds steadfast: since 1972, 32,000 alumni have been touched and inspired by JNF’s Alexander Muss High School in Israel (AMHSI-JNF).  It is through our educational experiences that the wisdom of our people is transmitted to our students, a wisdom that lasts a lifetime. It is a wisdom they remember every time they sit down at their Passover tables.


Today we ask you for your help.  As a result of these uncertain times we find ourselves at an intersection needing your support.  Our hallways – usually bustline with students – are empty, and our tuition - a lifeblood for our school, our teachers, and our staff - has been put on pause. Please consider investing in our future today by clicking here.  Your investment in AMHSI ensures that when the time comes, we will be there to welcome our students on campus once again, to do what we do best—creating the next generation of leaders in the world of Israel and Zionism.  Thank you for your consideration.


You can also find ways to stay connected and spread the word about Alexander Muss High School in Israel below.


Sending blessings to you and your family for good health and a joyous holiday season.

Happy Passover,


Rabbi Leor Sinai, Co-CEO, AMHSI‑JNF

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Alumni Share Their Favorite #MussMemories

AMHSI alumni may be stuck at home, but Muss is still in their hearts. Watch as a few of our recent alumni reflect on their favorite things about their experiences:

Message from a Social Media Chair

Sophia Dondisch, Spring 2020 Alumnasophia


Hi! My name is Sophia Dondisch. I am a Spring Semester 2020 alumna, and one of the Social Media Chairs of Alexander Muss High School in Israel. As a Social Media Chair, I contributed ideas to spread the word about AMHSI. Along with my fellow Chairs, we decided on themes and story ideas for AMHSI’s Instagram (give us a follow: @AMHSI), created videos that showed a typical day in the life of an AMHSI student to help future students get to know the campus, and made many more contributions.  I had such a fun time collaborating with people from the other programs and coming up with fun ideas to boost AMHSI’s social media following!


My experience in this program is incomparable to anything else I have ever done in my life. I became so independent and learned how to take care of myself, and made new friends that will be in my life forever. I had an incredible time and would go back in a heartbeat. AMHSI is the experience of a lifetime.