Jewish National Fund-USA Israel Update


As Israel remains under fire, Jewish National Fund-USA (JNF-USA) will continue to stand with the land and people of Israel throughout these trying times. The following is an update on how JNF-USA’s affiliates in the Negev and Galilee are managing during this crisis.

  • Green Horizons members are helping wherever they can, volunteering at a home for battered women in Be’er Sheva, hosting families from the Gaza Envelope for the weekend, planning activities near shelters and protected areas with kids in the Eshkol Region, and more.
  • JNF-USA’s Lauder Center North has opened its doors to neighbors who may not have a shelter in their building.
  • Hashomer Hachadash is sending hundreds of volunteers to Lod to assist the police and Magav and set up a retreat for children and families from the Gaza border.
  • Nefesh B’Nefesh has an English-speaking hotline providing support and information.
  • Some of our heritage sites in Acco have been damaged. However over 50 open heritage sites will be free to anyone from the Gaza Envelope and Ashkelon.
  • In Sderot, our resilience centers and animal therapy opportunities in both safe spaces and people’s homes are available 24/7.
  • JNF-USA has called its WGN members in Akko to see they're okay and how badly their studios and restaurants have been damaged and give them our love and support.
  • In addition, we are assessing the damage in the JNF-USA tourist information center in Akko, including the ruined artwork inside. The staff there are currently working from home.

Throughout this difficult stretch, we will continue to support the land and people of Israel, and we encourage everyone to do the same to the best of their abilities. For our friends in Israel, stay safe, be well, and know you have people here who are doing what they can to support you.

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