Speakers Bureau Newsletter - August 2018

A Message from Chairman, Robert Benedon


It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over - but our work takes no vacation.  “Summer Blitz” is in full swing as our Makor members and Campaign leaders traverse the nation closing gifts and building relationships.  

This month, the entire Jewish National Fund family came together to put on a two week nation-wide tour, from August 19-30, to raise awareness and funds for the communities facing the Gaza border. Over 2,000 Israel supporters from across the country have attended these meetings. The beautiful forests, nature reserves, and agricultural fields continue to be burnt with daily incendiary kites, balloons, and now drones. Israel continues to defend and Jewish National Fund continues to replant. During this tour, three Israelis are traveling to 11 cities to put their voices to the headlines and share their personal stories of living along the Gaza border. We are constantly thinking of our brothers and sisters and I am proud to be involved in our work, as I know you are.

Our National Conference in beautiful Phoenix is just around the corner this October 26-28. It gets better each year. If you haven’t registered yet, here’s the link. National Conference is an opportunity for all of our Israeli partners to visit the U.S. Please be in touch with Cheryl to see about booking them leading up to and following the conference. They are aware of our overall vision and how their partnership brings us closer to our goals. They are dynamic and motivating speakers and have become an integral part of the JNF Family.  Help them help us by arranging that parlor meeting, one on one meeting, board meeting briefing, etc.  

We hope you enjoy this new format of our newsletter and find it informative and useful as you plan your upcoming calendar.  

Wishing you all a wonderful rest of the summer,


Bob Benedon

Book a Makor member for year-round solicitation and speaking


Makor (Hebrew for “source”) is a specially-trained group of highly involved Jewish National Fund lay leaders committed to JNF’s mission. Makor members are JNF National spokespeople, ambassadors, educators, and fundraisers. 

They work collaboratively with professionals to identify prospective donors, conduct direct solicitations, and assist in educating interested parties about JNF, its action areas, and its partners. 

Makor members advocate for JNF, provide training, education, and inspiration to community lay leaders, support local professionals, teach solicitation techniques, and are involved in outreach to communities outside of their own. 

Please invite them for parlor meetings, synagogues and other engagements in addition to donation solicitations. Please welcome our Makor members and National Leaders into your communities to generate new leads and open doors – they are happy to do the ask.


 Click here to see a list of current Makor Members.

Contact Cheryl Lefland at CLefland@jnf.org to book a Makor member. 

National Conference: Book your Pre and Post Conference Partners and Speakers

National Conference


JNF Israeli Partners and Speakers appearing at National Conference will be available before and after the conference for speaking engagements. 

Israeli Partners provide a direct connection to JNF projects in Israel. Their specific projects vary, but all Partners offer an intriguing and enthusiastic view of what JNF does and why it makes a difference to the communities and people of Israel. 

Host a Partner or Speaker at synagogue events, parlor meetings, community events, campuses and more. 

See a schedule of confirmed visits and available dates as of 8.23.18.

Contact Cheryl Lefland at CLefland@jnf.org to book a Partner or Speaker.  

Featured Speakers



CHEF JAMIE GELLER - Israeli food writer, celebrity chef, and TV producer

Following Jamie’s appearance at National Conference on Sunday, October 28, she will be available through Thursday, November 1 to fundraise for the Culinary Institute in the Upper Galilee.

Contact CLefland@jnf.org if interested in hosting Jamie. JNF professionals on Kiryat Shmona/Upper Galilee Task Force Lee Lebovich and Reagan Weil can provide further info on the project. 


IZZY IZAGUI – IDF squad commander, public speaker and author of new memoir, Disarmed

Following Izzy’s appearance at National Conference, he will be available throughout the year for public speaking engagements around the country. 

His memoir Disarmed, released in Spring 2018, tells the story of the only soldier in the world who lost an arm in combat and returned to the battlefield. Izzy delivers inspirational speaking engagements across the United States as well as internationally. 

Contact CLefland@jnf.org if interested in hosting Izzy. 

 Visit our Speakers Bureau Website for all of our amazing and informative speakers.



New at the Speakers Bureau

Women’s Speakers Booklet Now Available 

The Women’s Speakers Booklet is now available as a resource for your upcoming speaking engagement planning. The booklet includes all female Makor, Israeli partners, topic-based speakers and speakers available via agency. Click below to view the PDF.

Upcoming featured booklets includes Lawyers for Israel Speakers, Doctors for Israel Speakers and Featured Agency Based Speakers. 

View the Women’s Speakers Booklet here